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  1. This article made me happy... It proves he's not dating Georgia Groome. Also, he mentioned Emma's hair. What regular man would comment on a woman's hair unless he's in love?! Rupert has all the money, star-power, youth, looks in the world to be a playboy, but he chooses not to be one. He says he's not consciously looking for a girlfriend... methinks probably because he already found his soulmate. It makes me wonder if he made some sort of vow to wait for her????
  2. They are inhaling each other!!! (esp Rupert!!!! Omg) It makes me wonder if 1) Emma intentionally "ruined" the take by laughing and 2) Yates decided not to use that take because it was too personal?! (And almost too adult?!) I'm sorry but yes, Emma "went for it" but my goodness Rupert looks like he was laying down his feelings right there!
  3. Haha! David Yates said that Emma wanted to get the kiss right on the first take so she went for it. But Rupert wasn't prepared!! (because he wanted to take his time with the kiss!!!) What can that mean but he loves and respects her. And that he wanted more takes! Even though they seem to be with other ppl at the moment there is no doubt of their affection and care for each other.
  4. That picture is perfection. In fact, they don't look like they're acting. And they definitely do not look like brother and sister!
  5. Emma is young and needs to make mistakes in love. It's obvious that Rupert adores and loves her but is hesitant to express his feelings. I say give them time. The ship is not sinking...only sailing around a bit!
  6. Beautiful video. If this were a courtroom, trying to prove their love for each other, the video will win the case. The part that is so priceless is the look of joy on Rupert's face when he says Emma's name during the Larry King interview. So obvious!
  7. No!!!! I HEART Emma tshirt, of course!!
  8. Thank u. Crazy is my middle name. I wonder why his bday party is so late? If it IS legit I wonder if it's to work around certain *people's* sched's???
  9. I'm new to this forum but a long-time passenger on the R/E ship! You all have great insights. I just wanted to pose a few questions that will further steer the R/E ship in the right direction! lol So, speaking of Rupert's t-shirts, did anyone notice his shirt he wore during the Cherrybomb DVD launch? It had a big question mark on it. My link Emma was wearing a necklace with the same question mark on her Daybreak interview. http://youtu.be/QTg3qjwUBG0 They are definitely playing at something here! A little George Emerson-esque (A Room With a View), dontchya think? Also, Rupert made a strang
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