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  1. Probably. It's hard to tell if they would suite me just by looking at a picture, but they look good on her.
  2. Wow! This is so hard as they're both really nice outfits. I'll probably say left though or
  3. aaawwww thanks! Can't see her pic! I'm really curious now!!
  4. Wide awake- Katy Perry Locked out of heaven- Bruno Mars
  5. Can someone please block Johnny? You're 35 and are obsessing! That's CREEPY!!!! It's one thing to be a fan, it's a whole different story being an obsessive stalker. You are being incredibly rude! Not just to/about Emma, but also to other users. Why are you even commenting if you only have mean, sarcastic things to say? No. This is different. A premiere is a PUBLIC EVENT!! There are paparazzis there, and fans. The fans are half the deal of a premiere. Imagined if no one showed up? The celebrities attend a premiere knowing that they will pose for pictures, sign autographs and give interview
  6. I would just get a beefeater to taste the first bite
  7. 9. My link I'm not sure how I feel about those. They are pretty cool though and somehow she pulls them off.
  8. For some reason people think I look younger too (I'm 20!). My best friend is my age and people think she's 35 . Personally I think it's worse of they think you're a lot older then what you actually are. LOL. And I've known my best friend since we were eleven and I don't think she's anywhere near looking like 35, but hey that's just me. LOL
  9. Maybe. I can't really see the hairstyle so it's hard to judge.
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