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  1. oh i agree! i kind of wish he could run for president again lol do you think hilary might run again? oh also, i must say everyone kept talking about Clint Eastwoods speech, but i didnt think it was all that. i didnt agree with anything he said and it felt like he kept loosing track of what he was going to say.
  2. I definately always supported Obama, in my opinion he is one of the best presidents. Romney hasnt really said anything about what he's going to do once hes president and his speeches, along with paul ryans, are full of lies. Obama said something at the DNC like " romney just points out all the things that are wrong and he never says what hes going to do to make it right" something like that. i admire the way obama talks and handles himself and i feel like he deserves to be president again. i really hope he wins, i've just never really been a republican supporter...i dont really side with thei
  3. ugh that sucks, it looks like its only playing in select states=(
  4. i thought the interview was funny! emma was adorable. lol @ dave when he told her she was taking americans jobs. but i was confused because at teh begining dave said that the perks will be released in new york and LA so will it not be out all over the states??
  5. ugh that suckss!! i was really looking forward to it and thats not fair to the athletes.
  6. whattt! why?? is it because of the repubican convention??? i was looking forward to the games=( i wanted to watch oscar run
  7. it's still obviously on nbc right? i still couldnt find it on the schedule... maybe when the date nears they will put it on
  8. does anyone know when the paralympics come on?? i thought it was aug 28 but i didnt see it on my tv guide schedule
  9. i didnt know dan and emma were going to do a video!! i hope it pops up
  10. i must say oscar pistorius is sooo hot!
  11. NBC coverage live has been really annoying. i want to watch all of the medals ceramonies not just one even and i want to see all the athletes on the podium not a EXTREME close up of one person. and the commentators are so annoying they need to learn when to stop talking im just trying to enjoy the games.
  12. i did too, i thought she was reallly good! i notcied that the romanians wear little shoes when they perform, do that help with the performance?
  13. also, i think the u.s womens gymnastics are very good, but it bugs me when i watch their interviews because they sound so rehearsed and robotic
  14. but he did say at first that he fell on purpose then he changed what he said.
  15. My link yeah i'm talking about the mens one.
  16. what did you guys think of the cycling race? did you think "britain cheated"?
  17. i didnt get to see romania compete in the gymnastics but over the years they have been the best. when i was watching it, russia seemed kinda bad so i was suprised that they got silver and romania got bronze
  18. Did they ever show Romania compete? i didnt see them but i only caught the end
  19. emma looks so beautiful! she's tiny! i agree with you 100%. people complain they dont like to see pics of emma from the paparazzies yet they still come and comment on them.
  20. i wish they would show more of the medal ceremonies and more of the different countries competing!! i kinda feel bad that everyones giving michael phelps a hard time. he's still amazing just not doing as great as he could have. i was watching the mens gymnastics and the ukrainian team look like they're 12 year olds lol
  21. can someone explain to me what an all around is? does that mean they get to compete in all of the trials and then jordan will be able to come during the finals which means she competes in what she does best?
  22. loool that was a rare moment i think i must have missed something..did nastia liukin not make the team?
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