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  1. saw this the other day, wasnt too bad kinda dragged on. i think kristen is so pretty but im really not too fond of her acting. her british accent was horrible, it was like half american half attempted british lol. charlize did a good job. i thought the ending needed more though
  2. superman is part of marvel right? i cant wait for the next superman to come out! henry cavil is playing superman and i love him!!
  3. it looks so good i cant wait! it's so funny when i read the book years ago i never imagined emma playing a part in it! her accent....will take time to get used to lol
  4. i dont think she dated skandar because i remember her saying they were like brother and sister and wasnt he like her neighbor or something? but i do believe that she dated Will.
  5. wow georgie looks so pretty!! i've always had a crush on skandar lol! and are will and anna going out? i alawys wanted them to be a couple
  6. do you know what date they start? and are they like a month long?
  7. honestly i dont see josh and jennifer as a good couple i just see them in a brother-sister kind of way and also there's something they left out in the movie which i just remembered, but i read the books a longgggg time ago so im not sure if im totally correct but, didnt peeta like loose a leg or something and he was quickly taken away from katniss?
  8. Are the jews still waiting for a messiah? and how will they know if he is a messsiah? i've always wondered oh also this is like off topic of religion, but in israel did you have mr. pizzia? in palestine we did and i thought it was the best pizza over there! lol
  9. yeah this is the same one my friend showed me! so thats why i wondered but idk
  10. ok so my friends keep telling me that nagini is the same snake that harry freed at the zoo from the first harry potter. they say that it later became voldemorts snake. but i dont believe it, i thought voldemort randomly found nigini in albania or something? i think these rumors have been around for awhile but idk what do you guys think?
  11. arie im not sure if you answered this before, but how do the jews view Jesus?
  12. it's been happening in america, but im saying that if any other nations did it that wasnt from america or europe then everyone would be like "ohhh we must stop them!" this website is al jazeera which is a very popular news channel/source and is reliable no, it's just a personal opinion, but i think it's true. i remember like a month ago, on a new york campus of some school muslim students were being spied on by the government exactly, al qaida and other terrorist organizations rarely use the internet Here here is a link about muslim students being spied on
  13. Here The UK's Home Office plans to implement a new surveillance network to monitor web and email activity nationwide. It is a plan that, if implemented, will track any message sent to anyone at any time. I do not think this is right, what happend to our privacy? of course, if america or europe does this, it is seen as "safety" but if a arab, latin or asian nation did this, it would be seen as a "dictatorship" they say it is neccessary to do this to catch terrorism, but lets be honest, who are they going to search more? obviously mostly muslims. what are your opinions?
  14. no i always thought jeremy and rachel hurd wood would make a great couple
  15. i dont understand why everyone is suddenly talking about this now i've been seeing this all over facebook. it's a issue that's been going on for years. what makes me kind of mad is that i've been in invisible children club at my school and no one cared about this and we only had like a handful of followers and now almost everyone at school is posting this video it seems like they're only doing it because it's getting so much attention dont get me wrong im glad it's getting attention i wished they cared about it long ago
  16. no doubt the book will probably be good, but it'll be weird to read something other than harry potter from her
  17. i've finished the project now,but thank you to all of your guy's help=)
  18. hmm... well it's not so much about the rise of it i really need help with why it was so appealing for people to join what made them want to forget all the roman ways and devote themselves to this i guess im asking why do you all believe in what you do? thank you though arie!=)
  19. alright thank you for your guys help, i'll see if i have enough time to go and see someone
  20. in my text book there were roman religions that were only for like the upper class and the poor/ servants could not be apart of it and i know there was one that was only for men but it was probably a rare one so christianity was not as strict as judiasm? oh another one that comes to mind is that christianity was big on forgivness, right? i am not christian so thats why im having kind of a hard time with this project oh and that's a good point, but did the romans still continue their sacrifices near the end of the empire? i know their were gladiator games but those were for the c
  21. yeah i second that, he just doesnt fit the part. i wish someone... i guess less well known was cast
  22. I need help with a project and I thought it would be better if i posted it in here. My project is supposed to be based in the Roman Empire period when the empire is about to "fall" and Christianity is starting to rise. My job is to convince people to join Christianity, even though back then being a Christian was a risky thing because many were killed for it. I need to know what is so appealing about Christianity? I have a list i made which were some of the reasons many were so taken with it 1) It was a religion that was open to all, and not just for the rich or just for men. 2) It had a b
  23. *cirque du soleil * Henry Cavill
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