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  1. THANK YOU! I'm happy to be back...
  2. Maybe one day members will start coming back
  3. Thanks it seems pretty quiet here?!?! Do you agree? I think from like 2009 it become really quiet here...
  4. Thanks!! I first registered in 2007... 6 years ago Did where?
  5. Hi everyone!! ​ ​I'm back!!! ​ ​Does anyone remember me? ​ ​I'm Dax twin brother lol
  6. I'm more looking for 'fashion blog'. I tried looking for the thread but I didn't find it. Can you please post me the link?
  7. Does anyone here knows of a good site about girls fashion with good articles?
  8. I found a cure trivia game about celebs relationships! Click Here
  9. Sorry! by mistake I put this topic in the wrong section. Can you please put it in the correct section?
  10. Do you know of any good blog or website that has good quality news of the top celebrities?
  11. Baaxxx


    What's her user name on the forum?
  12. Thank you for your help! But still I need a better looking face...
  13. I want to use the pic but I don't have copyrights on the pic, so I want to somehow edit the pic so it will be hard to detect the original model in the pic. Do you know how to do something like that?
  14. I need that even after the changes we still will be able to see the model...
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