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  1. Maud

    Maud Graphics

    Hya ^^ I post some of my work. Tell me what do you think about it ^^. thank in advance
  2. aw. this gif reminds me of old times. love it :)
  3. awwwwwwww. this is so lovely :)
  4. Maud

    Sourburst Graphics

    OMG I love it <3 <3 <3
  5. Thank you very much, but I won't need it for my project. But it's very nice to you :) Please guys... anyone else ? if it can reassure you, I had the permission from Moderators to post this.
  6. Hello everybody ^^. Some might remember me. I used to work for this website. I need your help ^^. I need help from POTTERHEADS ! :D I'm working on a big video project about Harry Potter. It is called "Jo's Paradise" and the video is huge tribute and a big THANK YOU to JK Rowling. I need potterheads able to film themselves and to send me their video. I've made this poster: and the link on the image goes to this video in which I'm explaning the project: I say it again: The reason why I don't tell them in this video what you're going to do while you'll be filming yourself is because I wa
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