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  1. Yes, I think 12 yearscof marriage could be about right. What do you all think would their wedding have been like? I guess, since Hermione is a very traditional girl who is proud of her muggle heritage, she would insist on a muggle wedding somewhere near her childhood home. Thus all her relatives could attend. Come on JKR! We don't need to hear whether Romione - in your view - needed counselling or how you just stuck to the ship because it was your initial plan. Give us dates and places. Tell us how the Weasleys (Aunt Muriel, anyone?) and all the other witches and wizards tried to adapt to
  2. I'm sorry you have such a hard time to get your hands on your fave beer, Jon. I personally never tried Dinkelacker. You don't find it often where I am, here in northern Germany. I like Veltins or Jever or Beck's. But I don't drink beer on a regular basis. Just when I'm out for dinner. And depending on the meal, the mood and location, I sometimes prefer a good glas of wine. Not that you guys start to think I' m a drunk. Lol. As for toasting to Ron and Hermione, we could always take Butterbeer.
  3. Oh, I love the bar and grill thread idea. Good one, Katherine. I'd start with a steak english style and a cold beer (German beer of course:P ) And, Jon, OF course I love American sports, indie rock and scrabble. Wait the Detroit Bears, is that Baseball or Football!
  4. I agree it would likely be impossible to gather allthose peopoe online at the same time. I misunderstood, Jon, that was purely me being "stupid" not you being misleading. ;-) Sometimes it's fun to think how it would be to meet some of the online people. Would we even have something to talk about besides HP? Would there be embarrassed silence or would wee connectmore easily because you have to be a certain kind of person to become attached to a fictional couple the way we do?
  5. I know how you feel, Jon. There are some people I "met" online over the years who I do miss. I was very active in several HP forums a couple of years ago, but that has cooled down. Nowadays, I'm only active in a Criminal Minds forum, but since some of them started a CM group on facebook, we almost exclusively meet there and only two or three still come to the forum. At least we are still in contact. I don't kid myself into thinking I really know my online friends. It's not comparable to the offline friendships I have. But we connected over a very speciel thing, i. e. R/Hr, and got to know
  6. I wish all my fellow Emma-supporters, Herons and HP-fans a Happy Easter. Hope you've all had a successful egg hunt. ;-)
  7. Again a very insightful and elaborate post, Jon. And a very interesting topic to discuss. I think I understand what you mean by pointing out Hermione's vulnerability with regards to Ron and his love for her. And I agree it's a trait that makes her human, relatable and loveable. As to the question at hand, it's something I need some time to mull over. Spontaneously I'd say for Hermione it's her steadfast trust in Ron. This might sound strange considering how often she admonished and criticised him for EVERYTHING lol. But I think that was not because she didn't consider him quite good enoug
  8. Oh, please don't feel bad, Jon. I did not take any offense in your words or so. So, no need for an apology. *sends Jon a hug* :-) I guess part of the reason I ship R/Hr is that JKR - regardless of the reason - has planned and written them as a couple-to-be right from the beginning. The hints were there. I cought on it in the second book and found it soooo cute. Lol. I guess had she written H/Hr, I would have shipped them. I love all of the trio and, while Ron is my fave character, I would have been okay with a different outcome too, if that had been the what was developped throughout the boo
  9. Wise words, Jon. I hope my comment about literary reality didn't come across as if I'm denying anyone their emotional connection. Of course I don't, everyone can ship what they want or feel. But the text is what it is. I guess JKR's words still irk me a bit.
  10. Isn't it, Trixie? It is amazing how our love for and devotion to Ron and Hermione - as individual characters as well as a couple - while it might have been dormant somewhat for while due to real life and/or other interests taking over, is still so strong that we gathered here as soon as we felt R/Hr might be threatened. Bottom line has to be, IMO, whatever whoever says, even if it's JKR herself, Ron and Hermione IS and alway WILL BE. They are literary reality if you will, and no one can ever change that.
  11. Rhrshipper and Kristin, you both wrote so beautiful, thoughtful and well-worded posts on why our couple ist so real, so believable. You put into words everything why we all love Ron/Hermione so much. Shortly after DH was published, R/Hr were voted in various media outlets among the most popular couples in literature alongside for example Lizzie Bennet/Mr. Darcy or Romeo/Juliet. This proves: R/Hr is a classic!!!! I guess that also proves their literary credibility.
  12. I'm not sure I want to hear any more of JK's views on the books. It's a natural thing to change your mind, to gain a new perspective, but she can't change anything, unless she rewrites the series. Which would be complete nonsense of course. The books are finished, they are what they are. And JK telling the readers she thinks differently about certain aspects now and that she might write them differently today, doesn't help any of the readers. Not those who love the books just as they are because they will always have this nagging feeling of reading something that is not quite right. And not th
  13. Wonderful post, Katherine, lovely words about our favorite couple. I'm still not comfortable - and never will be - with JK using words like "maybe" or "probably" they will be alright. They looked pretty much alright to me in the epilogue 2017. Yes, Ron "lied" to Hermione about cheating in his driver's test, but the dynamic I saw at work between them there is very simikar to Arthut and Molly's and aren't they a loving, happy and successful couple? And "fundamental incompatibilities"? Where? Which? Ron and Hermione are different in some ways, and in some they are quite the opposite really. But
  14. I'm not sure I really feel that much better. I guess knowing the full interview now and everything that happened this week as a result of the quotes (mainly the Ron-hate) has to sink in first. I'm glad though that JK finally acknowledged that Hermione too has/had to work on her issues. She's often perceived as this flawless being that could do no harm. But that's what I love so much about Hermione, that she's not perfect. That she is so intense - as JK too put it - and can be so ... nerve-grating. She has all these good, amazing qualities but her flaws make her a real and relatable "person".
  15. I think what bothers me the most is the feeling I get that JKR doesn't care (anymore?) about Ron. I might me totally wrong and - again - the full interview tomorrow when we read JKR's words might put things into perspective a bit more, but ... JKR was always aware and apparently aghast at the Ron-bashing that mainly came from the shipping wars. She must have known that her uncertainty about R/Hr now must ignite another round of Ron-bashing. All the old arguments seem to come up again. At least that's what I could see by skimming through some threads on another forum. I don't need to repeat
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