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    drawing listening to music(all kind of stuff) painting game desing and many more things I cant list here
  1. just wanted to share some of my art
  2. Ilike your crazy style the shading and composition is great!
  3. lol I'm waaay out of practice lol it's a bit easier when I can see the eyebrows and both eyes and even more accurate if it's a pic without making any kind of funny faces xD thanks for participating xD yeah 31 minutes rocks!!! well it's ok if it gets closed due rules or something but I'm just asking for a shot of people's eyes if they're interested
  4. thank you guys I really appreciate it ^^
  5. I forgot to tell you to take the pic so I can see your eyebrows and eyes xD ok lets see a bit serious,curious(kinda obvious now xD) you rarely get angry, also you are a very active and decided(not sure if the expression is correct my english isn't great) person, confident and happy most of the time
  6. take funny pics of her too and make memes lol what would you do if emma asks you to write her a movie script?
  7. I wanted to do this again,after so many years of training and study with the shaoling monks I've learned the hability to read people's personality through their eyes. so post your eyes and I'll tell you your personality (not really accurate since I haven't done it in a couple years xD)
  8. just passing to say hi to all I was a member back in the old forums I hope I can find some familiar faces feel free to add me to talk and stuff xD
  9. hello guys it's good to be back on these forums and I wanted to share a band of my country that will be legends if you like jazz this is your kind of band well enough talk this is for you di algo(say something) mt vase this was when they were in the big band jazz of mexico hope you like ^^
  10. this is a little game a made in my time here a couple years ago, simple I ask what would you do if emma [insert crazy situation here]? next one answers and ask another question so lest begin!! What would you do if emma kidnaps you?
  11. guys guys calm down we know she's being secretly dating me but she doesn't talk about work xD
  12. yeah I would but that would be going like a year back on the site xD I've been out for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time
  13. I kinda lost track of emma in a while can anyone tell me what she has been up to lately xD ?
  14. What do you think of it so far and what is your wishlist? in my case: -huge map -more life to the city -animals(not to kill just to give it that reality feel)
  15. hey guys add me I'm trying to catch up on these forums I dunno if anyone remembers me xD psn TheBlackwolfdave
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