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  3. These are all incredibly valid criticisms, of course! I do think we need to look at the UN's many initiatives separately, however. I don't know much about the UN Women Ambassador program, but I do know a fair amount of UNICEF, and they have one of the highest rates of access to the areas of the world that need assistance and they operate with a very low amount of overhead. The UN is *so* massive, and have so many initiatives, it's not entirely fair to lump them all together. There are problematic things with anything. People Tree was nice, but the whole industry of Fair Trade still has a lot
  4. Good for her. I am obviously all about empowering women. I donate to several organizations for similar causes. I'm not sure what the UN Goodwill Ambassador program does, but I'm a really big fan of UNICEF, which is one of the best organizations in terms of access to countries, resources and a low operating cost (especially compared to rather crap organizations like World Vision). I hope this program follows some of the same directives.
  5. I like Instagram A LOT. I use it a lot. I have all my photos backed up, but it's a nice way to share things. Of course I live really far from my family and many of my friends, so it's nice to see what everyone's up to. If any of you have instagram you should add me! Mine is here.
  6. They sold well, but they still had to discount quite a lot of the line at the end. And it was pretty fairly discounted; I was toying with the idea of buying some of it at the time. The company might be ethical, but the markup for their product is still considerable. To be able to discount things at that rate shows that either the line didn't do as well as expected (and they needed to get it out the door), or that they were still able to make a profit off the discounted items, and perhaps could have given more money to the workers who made the clothes. I like fair trade things. I shop at ind
  7. Fair trade is for the privileged, plain and simple. It used to bother me a lot when Emma would talk about people in our age group buying fair trade items like it's no big deal and it's what we should be doing, because it's easy for her to say. She can drop several hundred dollars on a single item, no problem. However, the rest of us live in reality and this is not always possible. I think this is one of the reasons her People Tree line didn't actually do super well-- it was targeted toward young people, and the majority of young people do not have the income to devote to buying exclusively fai
  8. You may. Also, in re: why everyone isn't doing distance education: Why does ANYONE do anything the same way as the majority of people? Because it is the DONE THING. A lot of people don't really think of how they best learn things. Many people finish high school and see a traditional university setting as the next logical step. THIS WILL CHANGE. Just as much of our world changes as technology advances, you will see more and more people partaking in exclusively online/digital education. But right now, it's still rather obscure, in the grand scheme of things.
  9. Yup. This all exists EVERYWHERE. You say "They even have now computer programs, able to find out "copy and paste" pieces in your written stuff" like this is some new technology, but it ISN'T. This has been SUPER common since before I was even in high school. You can just GOOGLE "plagiarism checker" and find one. This isn't exclusively for online students. You have to do a presentation of ANY thesis you submit, for the same reason. Sources need to be cited in EVERY assignment you hand in. Even if you attend EVERY lecture. Also, one of my good friends is an Austrian university student and hers
  10. @berrytea33: wow!!!! you're a shitty person!!!! hope you feel great about yourself. :D :D
  11. You are so creepy. I'll be in London over the next 3 weekends. Please try to give me warning before you jump out of any bushes. This weekend is museums, next weekend is Trafalgar Square event and the following is gay pride. Please avoid these places at these times.
  12. It must be exhausting to be such a bitter old man. Emma has shown that she does some singing, and can probably do more. She has also shown that she's done dance... I remember back in the day she was one of the leaders of her school's dance troupe (they did Rock Challenge and stuff, I think?). Jonny hasn't been a "fan" for very long, guys. He doesn't really know very much about Emma. Everything he knows is distorted by whatever is going on in his head.
  13. http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/08/why-british-singers-lose-their-accent-when-singing/
  14. P.S. If you need quotes about how Emma did independent studies from Emma herself here's from her Rookie interview: This kind of thing is especially easy to do with an English degree. Yeah, if she had been pre-med, I would maybe have questions about lab time. But for English Literature? No. It's all analyzing texts and writing essays. Classroom time is not as important. She did a foundation year full-time on campus as many people do, she did time at Oxford, she took classes at NYU and did independent study... sounds like a really great, well-rounded experience, one which easily culminates
  15. What are you talking about? Google "Brown University Independent Study": http://www.brown.edu/academics/college/support/faculty/independent-study-options http://bulletin.brown.edu/independentstudyplans/ http://brown.edu/academics/college/advising/curricular-resource-center/independent-studies/independent-studies http://www.brown.edu/academics/college/degree/course-options/independent-study You know. Just the first few links. Not even the in-depth information she could easily get from an advisor. They even have programs specifically for students who will be based internationally. She did
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