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  1. it's kinda catchy in its creepy ways. But no I wouldn't expect a reaction
  2. The English (British?) press was all over Casual Vacancy with glowing reviews, so I'm skeptical, but of course that was published under JKR. I don't really read crime novels so basically I'm just curious about how far a cry it is from her other books.
  3. Just got the news here. If anyone has read it... how many pages are devoted to teenage boys?
  4. protip: get naked and cover your body in grease so the bodyguards can try to wrestle you but won't get a grip
  5. Not having seen the movie, I guess the characters are supposed to be templates. They're not supposed to be fully fleshed-out individuals. Hearing the story behind the Bling Ring may leave some wanting for a full psychological profiling of its members, but that's a different movie. And in the end, even a deeper inspection of their motives might just reveal what the movie is hinting at: this is not at all surprising behavior for spoiled first world teens with too much time on their hands. I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. It seems it doesn't preach and doesn't overanalyze.
  6. How many magazine covers have you graced? I may only have a rough overview of Emma's private style (I don't specifically hunt for pictures - but I do browse related sites every now and then), but as I said, the contrast seems stark. I don't want to think of Emma simply enjoying playing dress-up - she's too reflected a person for that. Like I said, I suspect she still thinks of it as part of the job, not knowing how to deal with these things differently. She's already half-heartedly disassociated herself from the whole fashion affair, which shows IMO that her heart is no longer in that. I k
  7. For all her acting I've only had balanced to favorable comments. Selective reading FTW
  8. I think it's a matter of degrees. People trying to be stylish in private will simply seem glammed up in a photoshoot. But if you dress down short of walking around in your pajama pants, and then do shootings, it's like assuming another personality. It begs the question why one does that. She's not the property of Warner Bros. anymore, she could choose not to pose for a magazine. Does she feel like it just comes with the job even if she doesn't care about it? That would be sad, because I see her as an artist, not just a professional who tries to have all boxes ticked.
  9. I don't think that not finding fart butt poop jokes funny has something to do with being snobby
  10. I was talking mostly about the difference between "show Emma" and "real Emma", styling-wise. It's clear that you're sometimes more animated and sometimes not. But if you look at basically all the interviews she's done over... the last two years?, Emma seems less and less inclined to put herself out there. It seems she's trying not to raise any issues. All the things she said in this one we already knew. This, together with her body language, just signifies that she's feeling less at ease in public than she used to during HP. And I think that has to do with her being unsure of what role she
  11. I truly do not enjoy people jumping like angry girl scouts at the throats of those who want to discuss what Emma is doing rather than cheerleading. Are you really not noticing a difference between Emma here and in her HP days? I might be imagining things but there are certain things signifying that Emma is less at ease with her role nowadays, or maybe a bit confused over what that role may be. The changes in style she undergoes for shoots is really dramatic and I don't think Emma has decided on her "true" identity yet. The "imposter syndrome" comment comes to mind; and that's really not far of
  12. The voluminous hair definitely adds to her appearance. That seems to be the first thing they do to her on most photo shoots.
  13. If you look at shots of her with fans/ in private, Emma looks very let's say casual even compared to your average 23 year old.
  14. It's always a bit weird to see her all glammed up for a photo shoot, because the contrast to how she styles herself IRL is so stark.
  15. Wah, the things I write when I'm tired As for Dan, I think he should stay in the theatre business. They seem to like him there and I don't have to see him so we're fine.
  16. I like how thoroughly lost his emphatic exposition is on the other guy.
  17. would you suspect that any random person you choose to follow on the street carries a gun?
  18. I am confident in his ability to deliver what I'm looking for. That's why I'm interested rather than skeptic. One thing that makes me hopeful is Emma's comment that Beast will be really 'scary', which I take to mean among other things that it won't be a ruggedly handsome man-wolf with over-accentuated sideburns and the slipping self-restraint of a hormone-fuelled teenager. Also as an aside it's interesting he mentions the darker connotations of HP, I also feel that this was missing from the movies as I mentioned in another topic. Btw, his pronounciation has come a long way. Good on hi
  19. I'm sure it'll be nice to look at and everything, but what I'm interested in is its undertones. You can't get away doing a fable like B&B without substituting your own philosophical take on the issues it raises. I can just barely remember my mom used to read me the story of B&B for the first time from a magazine that appeared like monthly, that had fables and stories for children in it. I think Beast was basically just a human with a lion's head, but still the story got to me.
  20. Dear 'Murrica, whether you find George Zimmerman guilty or not, armed vigilante groups are creepy as fuck. Best regards,
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