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  1. Here is a new vid of Emma concerning harassment in the media industry
  2. Some of you might hate me for opening a topic on something that is almost 10 years old, but the forum seems to have opened in 2010... Guys I had to share with you the fact that for reasons I can hardly understand myself, among the hundreds (thousand?) of looks Emma has provided, the look for the UK HBP premiere in 2009 is one of my all time favorite of hers. I just have love and admiration for that first picture below
  3. As we all here find that Emma is a wonderful and beautiful woman, I though we could start a topic of pictures we actually don't like of her ! It is to change a little from the usual topics of the love we send to her (Though it's not about sharing resentful comments, just about taste ^^) Here is my first one ! Elle magazine 2009, I think I actually like none of the pictures of this photoshoot...
  4. Hello everyone ! I just saw the Bling Ring this afternoon, here's a topic to talk about it ! Actually I didn't really apreciate the movie. I didn't like how Katie Chang (: Rebecca - main character) plays, I thought it was not convincing, pale, annoying. Maybe it's also what her character is about, but feels like every single smile is faked, and she never has any "real energy" to me, even though she should because she's at the origin of everything. The general tone of the movie was weird - sometimes you expect fun, a great dynamic, and it's just slow and mysterious. I though that maybe So
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