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  1. So if she wants to forget for a moment that she's a beautiful moviestar with lots of money and contacts, she goes out with William. <3
  2. So I've only gotten around to watching/ reading HP like two years ago, and as such I've formed my opinions on the HP cast only recently. I've just rewatched OotP, which is one of my favorite movies in general. The even pacing give it an even more dreamlike quality than other HP movies, and I really like the aesthetics of this one. But that's not the topic. What I thought about when I watched it was Dan's performance - may have to do with the fact that I always found him to be the least sympathetic of the trio. In my mind, Harry is this traumatized kid who just about loses it when he learns
  3. I'm getting a distinctly HP-ish vibe from this song.
  4. Yes, I'm not sure if I should trust my own judgement in this matter. It would be interesting to hear the opinions of people who had never seen Emma before.
  5. I haven't seen it yet, but judging from the trailers and also Perks, the problem could be that Emma enjoys playing the role too much. That seemed obvious for me with Sam. People don't enjoy being themselves so much.
  6. Responses are mostly along the line of "we want know more about you!" but I don't think she'd write about herself, would she?
  7. I think you're crossing a line there, that I personally simply wouldn't cross, no matter how much I'm interested in her affairs. She definitely wouldn't like what you're doing there - that much we know.
  8. eh, that's fishy, because you know you don't just happen to be there. It was planned, and the chance that she shows up was calculated beforehand. Meeting fans somewhere where she doesn't live is also different - it's not a breach of privacy.
  9. though, if you're serious about visiting her house, could you keep yourself from approaching her if she shows up? I know I couldn't. Especially because Emma is usually friendly and doesn't mind having a picture taken.
  10. that's kind of creepy, Captain (the visit, not the information).
  11. Her FB can still be hacked wether it's updated by herself or a third party, just sayin. For a real life Bling Ring to happen to Emma, people would have to know where her houses/ appartments are... which I don't (and no I'm not asking for that info).
  12. I couldn't care less, actually. BTW you can find people who like any crap so random positive reviews on the net probably wouldn't change Jonny's opinion.
  13. which says nothing about the quality of the movie, or the tone of the movie, or wether being in that movie will be good for your carreer. What I simply don't find useful is people criticizing a movie if they're clearly not in its target group.
  14. Eh, I know she's not interested in communicating with fans. I don't really need to know more specifics. I could say "but you're not naked lollercakez" but that wouldn't change anything. Although the question presents itself... if it's not just celebrity business, if everyone is doing it, shouldn't she just give it a shot?
  15. Welp, she was in a movie with Rihanna. A Rihanna song plays a prominent role in the latest book by J. Rowling. So, it seems her career has come full circle.
  16. Oh Jonny, you lean mean posting machine. As for Emma, if she's fine with guys discussing raping her, that's no one's business. What he could take offense to is the implication that guys would only consider raping her if she was the last woman on Earth.
  17. needs more promo shots of Emma in deerskin clothes w/ unruly hair edit:
  18. Fun fact: she never said she doesn't like tea.
  19. yes, she's given up one of her eccentricities it seems. ;_;
  20. So you mean we will see her with fuller cheeks once she's pregnant? Possible, but I don't think she's that kind of method actor.
  21. what does the lenght of building whatever have to do with how much you eat?
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