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  1. Ahh, tomorrow is a special day (fortunately, I've remembered it before I would possibly forget about it when needed). Happy birthday in advance to THE GRINT May you always stay our (and someone certain's) very own unique Grint.
  2. Me too, me too Just wanna say I'm still love our couple very much and still visit this place as usual.
  3. That is really like someone did everything for you, always cared about your life and even married you BUT after all those happy years together, this someone says to you that he / she did not truly love you and did not want to be with you as well. It would hurt very much, it would make you think "What's the point of caring for someone so much at all, if you don't love that person?"
  4. Here are some (maybe ) of my favourites: Ron / Hermione Anne / Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables) Guo Jing / Huang Rong (The legend of the condor heroes 2003) Bidam / Deokman (Queen Seondeok) Robbie / Cecilia (Atonement) Yvaine / Tristan (Stardust 2007) Caroline / Mac (Green wing) Each of them has some of the precious factors: growing up together, being long-time friends, having nice banters, balancing each other, showing their love in so pure and innocent (yet so deep) ways.
  5. It has been soooo long!! I guess this thread is one of the few places where I can always come back, no matter how far and long I've been away. Have no idea, but the way their relationship was built seemed so real to me. And yes, it's in fact real, very. RE are the only ones (so far) who could give me such a feeling as if I was fresh in love myself, when I first saw them as a couple (that means believe in their feelings for each other). That great and special emotion lasted more than one day. MAGIC! There are things in life you do not want, things you want and things you truly want. It is
  6. And me too, hope you all will be well after the Hurrican. (A Typhoon has also "gone by" our country - not my region - and left big damage.)
  7. Ummmm.... The video-previously posted by Luciana (nice find)--says it all. She wants us all to think that she hasn't seen Rupert since July 2011--@ the NY premiere?? That's just sad. Btw, the above quote was made Sept 29, 2012--a few weeks ago. That was like she did and do not love him, and never had that feeling in all those years of her life !!???????? I know I am mad and so pessimistic. It's just because these days I am in a bad mood. ON a technicality though, I think Emma is wrong in making that quote about Rupert... true, she never so much as pecked him on the OUTSIDE of the chee
  8. Hic, sorry for the previous post. Cbmac, it's really a beautiful gifs-spam!! What a funny video, Luciana! I love his "Oh god"-and-then-always lovely-laugh the most. Emma should do better next time when being behind him like that
  9. I can't believe that, can't believe!!! Really?? After more than one year, we're still getting so wonderful "new" gifs about these two They are the best SURE
  10. About my story: Yeah, i don't know. We'll have to find out. (LOL, 19-year-old Rupert's word) See the second picture and: I have nothing more to say about these two! Oh God
  11. Please don't remind me of that kiss!!!!!!!!! I felt many thousands of butterflies in my stomach while seeing it the first time, and sometimes still, so please don't ) Life is strange, isn't it? The things are called FATE, UNIVERSE and SECRET INFLUENCES really bring me some indescribable feelings. Well, I did like a classmate boy when I was 15, then it - i could say - was over in the next three years (when we didn't in the same class anymore). Since our high school graduation, I've never seen him again. Until about one and a half recent years, I have had dreams about friends in which he app
  12. Trixie, Cbmac: Agree! "ALWAYS HAVE HAD IT" now becomes the new definition of "MADE FOR EACH OTHER". I mean it's just so natural that there's always something between two persons right from the beginning. That "something" existed unnoticed inside them when they were just naive kids, grew with them through the teenage time (start knowing to like, then love) and finally shines like the brightest sun at their age of maturity. That "something" was and is really always there to see, if man looks back all the things systematically And we observers started from thinking there-is-nothing then it-is-c
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