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  1. Eating a frozen orange juice because it is so hot here!
  2. Exercise, took dog for walk, found out I didn't get into my course at this point and now looking for a job
  3. In love with this song at the moment!
  4. Yeah its because she uses too much auto-tune in her songs that we really notice the difference when she sings live
  5. I thought they were just rumors, but yay!!
  6. I'm really annoyed at life right now.
  7. Paige

    This or That

    Summer Water or soft drink?
  8. Paige

    Hello :)

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes Yeah, I've been slathering myself with sunscreen every morning What a beautiful picture! I've never felt snow irl Oh yes, I've heard of the place lol. I live in little old Adelaide
  9. Thanks I'll keep that in mind That's such a compliment coming from you I think you're gorgeous! I love your hair
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