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  1. Off out for halloween tomorrow, wearing Gryffindor robes, no less.
  2. This was at Wimbledon, like 2 years ago.
  3. Nope. Blink 182- I miss you?
  4. Yeh, they've had a viral campaign going for a while, just google GKNOVA6, there's been a load of clues about zombies. The pictures I've seen of the new zombies look horrendous, they'll scare me to no end! November 9th cannot come soon enough.
  5. I preordered from amazon for £39 and I cannot wait. I've seen a few trailers and the gameplay looks great, they've copied MW2 a lot less than CoD5 copied CoD4. New zombies looks immense, new game modes look great, it generally just looks great.
  6. Goblet of Fire for the 4th? or 5th? time. not sure.
  7. On a slightly related note, who reckons that Emma Watson is a household name? I wouldn't go so far to say that she is yet, even Dan Radcliffe is barely household. Obviously they're all well known, but I'd say only roughly 1/3 of the people I've spoken to know her as Emma, and not Hermione.
  8. Which uni are you at?
  9. Also Chesong, is that you in your picture with your hands in Emma's handprints at the Grauman's theatre? I'm going to LA next April, one of the reasons is purely to do just that!
  10. Haha, I'm not sure I'd ever go so far as to dress up.
  11. I said it on the thread in the old forum, but I'm proud to say that I was Emma's 34th follower on twitter!
  12. So officially emmawatson.net was just a forum site and that's it, and e-w is the main bit we're used to with all the news and has now just got it's own proper forum. I love how it's iPhone optimised as well. Once I get used to the colour scheme it'll be great!
  13. I didn't realise that the old forum wasn't actually part of emma-watson.net. Can anyone explain what the situation actually was?
  14. Not sure if i'll do the midnight one, but the trouble is I have work on the friday 19th and saturday 20th, so I'd have to wait until the sunday if I wanted to see it at a reasonable time. Decisions!
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