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  1. cbmac12 - lol. thanks! can somebody close to the producers of that show make the petition? pretty please with a large cherry on top? yeah. plus it was an improvised scene wasn't it? i read somewhere (maybe here. lol) that david yates asked them to just improv the scene because it wasn't really included in the script. and i think if you improv things, there's still a side of you that slips through instead of your characters. so i think that's the reason why it seems so much more like an r/e moment than r/hr. also, the "like this?" part doesn't seem like hermione. i can picture hermione saying
  2. cbmac12 - awww. thanks. i love being here too. can't go a day without at least seeing what people are saying here. its okay if you can't do it especially if its too much of a hassle. i'm just really curious as to how it looks like. hope your computer cooperates. me too. i think rupert is a good teacher. he seems patient in his interviews so i think he won't get mad easily and thus be more encouraging to whoever he teaches (especially if its emma). waah. can there be a petition to make the hp cast play poker? lool. that would be really cool. emma also mentioned the ice cream on the last day on
  3. that's cool. i think that will catch on and be a great show. though if i were to bet on anyone, i'd bet on emma. looool. or or, they can also be on celebrity poker and then we'll see if emma will be obvious or if she has a poker face. i'm pretty sure rupert's gonna be awesome at having a poker face (not sure if he's good at poker though). dan, i think won't have a poker face, and his excitement/disappointment at his cards will make him lose because he is very vocal and open at his interviews. but who knows, they might surprise us.
  4. sorry i've been gone. my net has just been so unstable. berrytea - my practical side agrees with you that she bought it just because she loves pingpong and she's really good at it. but my grintson part of my brain connects it to rupert. lool. but yeah. i guess she really enjoys the sport. wow. playing with jonah hill too? who won? about the hand holding, its kinda different, there's a hole (kinda) between the pointing finger and the middle finger in the intertwined fingers of dan and emma. i dunno. i notice weird stuff. lol. cbmac12 - can you pls upload a picture of the book of HP movi
  5. cbmac12, i didn't think of that. very likely that's the reason why she got it. so they can play and then emma will beat him again. do you know where that interview of jessie cave is? i've been looking for it and i can't find it. all i could see was the interview where she said that the kiss (ron-lavender) happened during the third day of her filming. lumosasphodel39, yeah. she misses it a lot apparently. or like cbmac12 said, could be that she bought it for them to play. anyway, both reasons should make us shippers rejoice and . i don't have the link to it, but i read it somewhere in thi
  6. found the exact quote: “Rupert’s the guy I go to when I want to be relaxed and have a good laugh. His dressing room is like a child’s wonderland with every kind of game, every kind of sweet, every kind of whatever you can imagine. I go to him if I want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch television.†i agree with what you said. though it relates to one of the thoughts that has been plaguing me. remember that in the earlier days, rupert was the talkative one among them? i wonder what happened? why did he suddenly become so reserved? emma was always cheerful and talkative so i guess its
  7. lumosasphodel39, i've been looking for that interview too since i read about it somewhere here. can you please post a link to it? would like to see the context when she said it. if you don't mind though. i often wonder why she can't text him. hmmmmm.
  8. cbmac12 - G4VR. lol. okay. its a nice abbreviation. yeah. i sensed that during the last london premier. and also in interviews. if rupert and emma are interviewed, they'd say that yes, their new roles are a departure from their hp roles, but that they will always treasure it or something like that. daniel's answers are mostly, yeah. i made sure its different from harry. something like that. but nothing wrong with that. nice gif btw, its the first time i saw that. awwww. another mirroring. BTW. I SAW THE TWEEET!!! not gonna ruin it for anyone else, but even if you don't have a twitter account
  9. trixie, THANKS. i'm loving being here too. everyone's so nice. <3 cbmac12, loved the double play on my name! oh yeah, good call on the unicycle. hmmmm. i just imagined rueprt unicycling while carrying emma. and now, on to find an online copy of that magazine! i think this was it. correct me if i'm wrong though: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20431232_20506941,00.html
  10. oh. so that's why she was acting like that. makes perfect sense. i wonder why rupert wasn't feeling the need to do the wavy thing to keep his balance. maybe he has really good balance. after all she is her rock. i've never seen the interview where she says its her rock but from the tumblr and the fanvids, she apparently said that.
  11. looool. but i love this forum. seriously. i'm visiting it at least once a day. what you said me wanna research the interview vids. my obsession is definitely reignited. 5 gingersnaps.. lets make a game out of it. what do you think will be the names of these 5 gingersnaps?
  12. just wanted to say done with the back reading. hahaha. it took me quite a few days but I'm happy that I've read through it all. All of your steadfast devotion to this ship makes me so much thankful because even if i was just reading your exchanges, i felt the love, and i felt validated somehow that people also love what i love. sad that some stuff are not available anymore, but its okay. lots of materials are still out there. and i just wanted to thank all the people who made the wonderful gifs and videos. My friends are now sick of me cause i've been showing them gifs of the pair and yel
  13. cbmac12, nah. i just officially boarded the ship. a crew can't be captain immediately. Maybe because its the first time that I saw people like me who loves them and wants them to be together forever. I've always been surrounded by feltsons and drews and felt so alone before. Now I don't. Because I see that I'm not the only one who saw their chemistry and believes there could be something R/Eal there. <3 they drove each other around? awwwww. that's so sweet. <3 Now I like the last premier even more. lots of fanfic premises from this info. (i've always wanted to do one but i always jus
  14. that is so cute! and they are standing so close together. It would have been cuter if Rupert helped her out or held her steady. but still, this is already so cute for them. I've actually wondered that too. I mean its a good thing for us R/E shippers, but were the trio not that close anymore during the last film? or was Dan just too busy? Also, I keep wondering why we don't hear anything about Rupert & Daniel hanging out. Rupert has hung out with Matt, the twins, and Tom at least once in the past year. Why not with Daniel (at least he & Emma had the polo lounge thing, and of cours
  15. I'm far away from my dad and grandpa. (I'm in university). :'( Happy father's day to everyone's dads! (and for the single moms too). are there vids where you can see the context of that holding hands? i wanna seeee. <3 cause the moment's more awesome if taken into its context. like the one where rupert makes the hermione and ron dolls kiss. nobody prompted him and yet he did it. kyaaaaah. <3 Oh about the bookie thing, my friends and I made a bet as to who will emma end with. Its kinda cool cause everyone's represented. Of course i voted Rupert, a DREW fan friend bet on Daniel, a Fe
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