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    Reading books, playing PC games, writing poems, playing the piano, writing piano songs, and the two main: Writing "The Chronicle of Diabolus" and Emma Watson, of course :)

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    Lord Sunamar Abyssal, the Demigod of Balance
  1. It is strange question, i think that only Emma herself can give the answer.
  2. Yeah, i have same opinion about it all. It would be great if we can see Emma in something other than movies like HP or BR
  3. At least i pray for this plan, my friend (the author) wants to use his whole life to this masterpiece. If some1 here is a fan of Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia or Twilight, he/she must watch this.It is something like combination of these all films. Of course, only by genre and aspects, not with anymore
  4. Everyone, who heard about "The Chronicle of Diabolus" wants ot see films or read books. It`s fantasy saga made by a 12 years old boy, who has a gift of great creativity, with that he started it`s creating 6 years ago. First book is about to come in Czech language next year [2014]. Then, 1 or 2 years after will come it in English. Films are opened for roles, but an important information is need to know > The work will be for 20 years, at least. The author will play in the movie as 1 of 3 main characters, second one is Emma`s role and the third is opened. Their names are secret for some time.
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