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  1. Memories - Within Temptation
  2. Thank you so much, everyone! <33
  3. Hellooooo! Icon Size: 100x100 Colours: Don't care No text Picture: http://www.vampirediaries-show.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=744&pid=42739#top_display_media Sig Size: Same as the one I'm currently using Colours: Don't care Text is up to you Picture/s: Any of Paul from this link Please and thank yoooou <33
  4. haha, Justin Gatlin for USA Not surprised at all that Usain Bolt won, it's insane how fast that man is over 100m! I'm so glad for Mo Farrah, Jess Ennis and Andy Murray, they did brilliant <3 We'll never catch up to China or USA, but Team GB are doing a lot better than I was expecting. 16 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze so far, third place :happydance: We could definitely stay third too, does anyone know how many days are actually left?
  5. Do you think I've forgotten that you lied to me a long time ago? I'm not stupid, I'll never forget that.
  6. Lindy, your updates are amaaazing and I looooove your set <333333
  7. Thought I'd post these because I've not posted anything for a little while. Request
  8. I've always thought it'd make it more special to share it with someone else xx
  9. I LOVE EVERYTHING <33333333
  10. Off to see the doctor now to see if my foot is actually broken or not >.<
  11. Thank you so much, Lindy & Kella <33
  12. Nina and Ian!! :wub: Not bad, not bad. Your stuff's great <333
  13. I quite like that one too, thanks <3
  14. It's not very long and I noticed the odd mistake, but not bad I look forward to the next chapter, update soon
  15. I told you about noticing the odd mistake but overall, a pretty interesting chapter I look forward to the next
  16. Same wallpaper, in colour and black/white
  17. Sounds interesting, I can't wait to read the first chapter
  18. Sorry we couldn't talk for long, my connection sucks so bad
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