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  1. Aaaaaaa it's getting more and more tricked! I don't want to believe that Ezra is A but logically, all things lead to him and in the last episode Aria looked rly suspicious, so it looks like they work together, besides she lied to girls and was hiding things and in the prev. episode there was a cellar, so seems like Ezra could jump under when Emily and Hannah arrived to help the girls!
  2. Girls, I found a rly awesome fashion site 3botinka.com, where you can create your own outfits from maaaany examples of clothing, accessories and stuff of different brends from all over the net. Or you can take pictures of your own wardrobe and organise your clothes and create different outfits, it has a calendar and weather. Rly interesting too! haha but a thought of taking pics of clothes is kinda painful. Example.
  3. man I feel old haha but I have no idea what to do there, I remember those great times when GTA was on CD. Is it free?
  4. I saw it in the cinema one day and liked it a lot. oh and this magic one, I like when it appears on tv every year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr7h8crYAYQ
  5. oh man, good old times. Been forever since I last played GTA. How I wanna play GTA 5.. err link?
  6. It's that magical time of the year when we begin to make conclusions, to look over what we've done and what we have reached, make new goals, plan and create new wishes, hopes, write lists of resolutions. Look at your list you made last year, what did you reach? I'm happy that I managed to put "done" next to at least 3 things in my list. So, what have you reached in 2013 that you wanted and what are your resolutions for the coming year? So my habits I MUST develop in 2014 are: - Beauty procedures 3 times a week - Hair treatment and nails, feet routine every sunday - eat well according to t
  7. come to snowy Russia I like when snow touches my eyelashes
  8. B-fast: fried egg, tea. Lunch: coffee, bread with cheese Dinner: soup, cheese, sausage, cucumber salad, juice Snack: banana Supper: mashed potatoes, meat, juice. Late snack: milk, cookies.
  9. whoa maybe future? I don't remember what I dreamt about, I only remember that I was buying a plane ticket.
  10. My birthdaaaay soon and only then would I think about the New Year (omg again new year ) My parents want to get me that and I have no idea why would I need it when I already have a smartphone with the same functions. Only that the screen is bigger? or another battery to discharge? haha. I don't rly know but I wouldn't mind if they gift me one, but I might use it when my Android battery dies (which dies fast! if you have one, you know) or I would use it for work. Cause I need office very often. But as for myyyy wishes, lol they are quite mental...: - I want a big boquet of red roses fro
  11. ^ thx! same O.O still Halloween theme continues XD security! I wouldn't mind having one like this haha. I admire their brilliant costume.
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