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  1. I loooove the Rebekah/Klaus/Elijah and the Stefan/Elena/Damon ones :wub:
  2. Lemon meringue pie. I had some yesterday, it was sooooo goooood
  3. Well I WAS watching Monte Carlo before it decided to freeze, so now I have to look for something else to watch.
  4. loveloveloveloveLOVE!! I'm so excited for BD Part 2
  5. Lindy, your updates are goooorgeous :wub:
  6. She wasn't in The Last House on the Left. Perhaps you were thinking of House at the End of the Street? I soooo want to see that! Cosmopolis War of the Worlds What to Expecting When You're Expecting
  7. Sweet and sour sauce Cabbage Brussel sprouts Beef Pork Mushrooms Onions Tomatoes Parsnips Liver And I like tuna...but I'm not really a big fan of fish. I'll probably be back to add to my list >.<
  8. So far.. Cereal A handful of Jacob's Oddities (smoky bacon flavour) Cola
  9. Stef's asked me to post this on her behalf because she's really ill and won't be coming online until she feels up to it so she might not be back for a while. She says thank you, although it's probably the colouring that makes it seem sharp because she neither sharpened it nor is it a LQ image, it's HQ Now this next part she asked me to explain....Natalie is an rpg character of mine and her power is pyrokinesis/fire power so the 'yellow ball' is, well....fire That is all
  10. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful :icontwisted8pz:
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