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  1. Been watching the trailer on repeat, it looks promising plus her american accent has improved A LOT !! High expectations for this film, good luck for emma and ethan ♡
  2. He confirmed it just few days ago on instagram https://instagram.com/p/16eYP8wyxz/
  3. OH MY GOD!! SHE LOOKS SO GOOD!! I'm thrilled actually that finally we will able to see her doing such a kick-ass role again (after hermione's). To me I prefer to see her acting as strong character rather than a sweet school girl type, maybe because she gives these good vibes of changing the world, fighting for justice and so on, anyway good luck for her and this film.
  4. One of the producers of Beauty And The Beast (2017), Todd Lieberman talks about the film with The Hollywood Reporter. What we came up with years ago was: 'It would be great to tell that story from the Beast’s perspective,' but it evolved into, 'Let’s tell it the classic way' http://emmawatsonbelgium.blogspot.com/2015/04/news-about-beauty-and-beast-lets-tell.html?m=1 It's gonna be from the Beast’s perspective..?! Disney, you guys are such a tease now I can't wait to see the movie !! I WANT IT NOW!!!
  5. Ewan joining this perfect cast is like a cherry on top.. the cast is too good to be true! what a bless ♡
  6. "But my favourite moment, because it made me weepy, was when the beast's loving arm was placed tentatively on Belle's shoulder after their pas de deux." I chuckled while reading this part, probably McKellen is a big fan of watson and stevens' pairing lol
  7. Ian McKellen just tweeted a description to the first table read of BaTB
  8. "Emma Watson dropped out to play Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.†Miles Teller recently exited the project" well.. there goes my dream sigh anyway good luck for gosling and stone, they make a good pairing.
  10. I really love David and Emma as a team, he knows her since she was a kid. Their relationhip is ideal. As for The Queen of The Tearling, I haven't read it yet so I cant judge, although it got mixed reviews from readers but I have my faith on emma and david could make a good script out of it so I'm looking forward for this project.
  11. Wohoo good luck luke! our handsome villian lol well here is a random fun fact: emma watson, luke evans and emma thompson who will be starring BaTB also share the same birthdate 15th April!
  12. I think her saying she'd like to be a singer during hp era shows that she wanted to sing since a long time ago but she was stuck with hp for a decade, she hardly had place and time to get into a groove of being a singer. BaTB (and hopefulliy LaLaLand too) will give her the chance to spread her wings and live her dream. it`s obvious she wants to learn to do something new and i am rooting for her.
  13. well.. as i mentioned before the problem is not that guy but the way tom showed it in his documentary, considering that comment against emma was the ONLY negative comment in the whole documentary, if there was a segment on the other side of HP fans (the negative side, things they criticize or don’t like about the books, movies or cast), then this scene might make sense, but from the purpose of this whole documentary, there weren't any similar comments against the rest of the cast. If that fan actually said anything hateful towards dan or rups, tom would probably cut it out. *shrugs* Anyway
  14. yesss me too !! shipping logemma is my guilty pleasure, his fans used to think that he had a crush on emma or something because during the perks/noah era he was always like: emma did this.. emma did that lol he's cute
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