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  1. So i've seen quite a few comments bashing emmawatsondaily.org/ and thought I'd give my input. I myself use HQ/UHQ stock image sites. These are sites that the admin of that website likely uses as well. Photographers who work for certain companies are allowed to upload their images to the sites and sell them for a comission. That means they make a certain amount of money every time someone buys an image through the website. I think what emmawatsondaily.org does is use lower priced image sites - there are some that only cost $3 to $10 per photo instead of the usual $50 to $300. And I do not thin
  2. Please only post HQ or UHQ reply images without tags. Hq is any image over 1500 pixels on both sides.
  3. I think it's so dumb of emmawatsondaily to tag her pictures. I understand tagging more rare photoshoots or images that you've bought yourself, but if they're from forums like this or other fans it's not right to tag them. I myself have just opened a gallery and I refuse to ever watermark anything that I haven't scanned myself or taken myself.
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