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  1. A solo America and Eurotrip will do
  2. Definitely Gimmelwald, Switzerland... I love mountainous countryside and just live simply.
  3. Yep, I'm just gonna quote my answer 4 years ago since it's still the same. Philippines FTW!
  4. I actually wrote this. Wow! I'm cringing over the bad writing, I should have done better. http://emma-watson.net/Fans/inspiration/aiza.php
  5. Hello fellow EW fans! I'm Aessa. This is actually a bit nostalgic for me as I was an active member of an EW forum such as this one like around 7 or 8 years ago. And now I'm back and hopefully for good. My favorite topics back then were the manip tutorials, banner and wallpaper tutorials and contests, Emma's photoshoots and movie premieres...just good old days. I'm still a fan up to this day. Our girl has grown into a very admirable woman and yes, I can't wait for Beauty and the Beast. Cheers everyone!
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