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  1. ill watch last nights ep tomorrow!! cant wait!
  2. No movie theatre in my area is showing that movie here in germany, dammit.
  3. ^^me neither, def dont wanna wait til january!!
  4. Happy birthday sweetie! <3
  5. haha yay just finished watching the first 4 episodes of the dirty secrets. well, they definitely brought more secrets lol.
  6. Caleb and Hanna are by far my favourite characters! I am gonna look for that first look piece.
  7. I am just so relived that it is not Caleb who is on the A team. Caleb is also way hotter than Toby lol.
  8. haha same here, thank god for this saturday night in lol. i finally watched all PLL eps. Paige is so scary, something is definitely wrong with her. Arias mom and Zack (?) are so cute lol.
  9. Plain White Ts - Tearing us apart
  10. omg i just noticed that mistake! i didnt do that on purpose. haha omg!! i am such a fan. love it!
  11. i was thinking the same thing about mayas cousin! hannah and caleb that sucks
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