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  1. ill watch last nights ep tomorrow!! cant wait!
  2. No movie theatre in my area is showing that movie here in germany, dammit.
  3. ^^me neither, def dont wanna wait til january!!
  4. Happy birthday sweetie! <3
  5. haha yay just finished watching the first 4 episodes of the dirty secrets. well, they definitely brought more secrets lol.
  6. Caleb and Hanna are by far my favourite characters! I am gonna look for that first look piece.
  7. I am just so relived that it is not Caleb who is on the A team. Caleb is also way hotter than Toby lol.
  8. haha same here, thank god for this saturday night in lol. i finally watched all PLL eps. Paige is so scary, something is definitely wrong with her. Arias mom and Zack (?) are so cute lol.
  9. Plain White Ts - Tearing us apart
  10. omg i just noticed that mistake! i didnt do that on purpose. haha omg!! i am such a fan. love it!
  11. i was thinking the same thing about mayas cousin! hannah and caleb that sucks
  12. ^^^^ haha yeah, so excited for next weeks episode. hanna and caleb might break up? I love them together. Melissa is definitely hiding something. Jenna is very pretty actually, when she doesnt wear the sunglasses.
  13. nevermind, saw it now bitch can bloody see!!!!
  14. grrr I cant find the newest ep online.. where did you watch it?
  15. Aria; YES! cheating is even worse. new episode tonight I dont have ttime to watch it though
  16. I have been thinking that as well actually! I am so not sure So true! Plus he was seeing a student which is pretty much the same Ezra seeing Aria
  17. the spoilers annoyed me anyways lol!!! cant wait for the next ep to find out what spencers mother is up to, she definitely knows something. I also hate Meredith, i hope she and Arias dad wont start dating.
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