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  1. Haven't seen this weeks episode yet. BUT being away for 5 weeks meant a PLL marathon for me! :D

    haha same here, thank god for this saturday night in lol. i finally watched all PLL eps.


    Paige is so scary, something is definitely wrong with her.



    Arias mom and Zack (?) are so cute lol.

  2. Omg did you mean to write Arie and wrote Aria by mistake?? LOVE IT!!!


    I dont think I am going to have time to watch it this week!! Ah!! Im driving to NY on Thrusday/Friday so I think im gonna by it on itunes on wensday and watch in the car.

    omg i just noticed that mistake! i didnt do that on purpose. haha omg!! i am such a fan. love it!

  3. This episode was crazy!!! The new guy is suspicious in my opinion. Not knowing the address? Yeah right! I don't know what to think about Melissa. Also, I happen to think spencer is acting really suspicious. Idk if they are just making us think that. I noticed a few little lines and such that kind of made spencer seem suspicious. Idk!!

    i was thinking the same thing about mayas cousin!



    hannah and caleb :( that sucks :(

  4. The thing that I love about Mona, is that I can't tell if she's pretending to be crazy for her purposes, because she's pure evil, or if she really is crazy and has completely lost it after the ending of season 2 lol.

    I have been thinking that as well actually! I am so not sure


    Same!! They are so noting to do! Lol I got so lazy! Then I was like wait, no one else comes here!


    Plus Mona starts talking which is going to be so creepy!!! They are going out at least once. Idk if they will show it or if this episode will be past that. But they were having lunch. Arias dad is such a douche anyways. He makes me so mad. Like he should not be upset at aria for what she did. He should feel bad that his cheating made aria do that!

    So true! Plus he was seeing a student which is pretty much the same Ezra seeing Aria

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