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  1. aww thanks guys sorry not been here in a while, will post stuff soon
  2. hi all, got some new wallpapers
  3. thats really good, just a bit of advice love, make sure her face colour matches the body other than that its good
  4. awesome like always ashley<33333
  5. wow it has been a while. im sorry i have been soooo busy with work and reading...i never had time to come here. if you guys still wanna chat, cause im sure i would love to, im on whatsapp and bbm. pm me if you wanna stay in touch. i have missed this place alot. i have two wallpapers which i made a while back, im a bit rough... its bad i know..
  6. its been a while, i do apologizes, new wallpapers
  7. best of luck with the move and the wedding plan. may everything go well for you guys<333 i will miss you
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