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  1. I'm so sorry i missed you today....what can i say, your schedule sounds grueling :o How can anyone enjoy prom night with all that still going on...

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    2. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      I wasn't on yesterday I only dropped by to leave you a message. I don't think I'll be able to go to prom seeing my movie is screened the same night. Cinema matters the most anyway so I don't really care. I have a tough night ahead so I must leave you here for now. Hopefully we'll talk again soon. Hugs and kisses ;)

    3. 130671


      Aw thx...June is a month you will remember for some time it seems. o_O

    4. Emmy Wemmy

      Emmy Wemmy

      I surely will. I have the night free so I hope you'll com here :) it will be the only one. I won't be able to be on again afterwards

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