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  1. Dude I know my comment is almost as low as yours but I so feel the need to say that one thing in the name of all the women from this website: you're a di**.
  2. Thanks Jade that's very nice of you
  3. Thanks Chris! I so want to go to this place and have this ice cream! You're lovely Thanks for the post Also thank you Tom and Lolly, all is well indeed, I hope you guys too And thanks Jon, we should defo talk more
  4. ^ Perve No really she looked good I liked it, the dress defo suited her
  5. Being able to hug my pet again
  6. Thanks I love the pic It's lovely
  7. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely messages Chris : Thanks for creating this post and for your lovely presents, the heels are hot Is that a friend for Djune? lol Jon : Thanks for the cow, I don't really know where it will stay though, I have no place at home lol But I will take good care of it Jia : Thanks for the cake, I ate it all yum yum Tom : I'M IN LOVE They are so perfect and cute, you did an awesome job there I love it! I had an awesome day, thank you again
  8. Happy belated birthday, I hope you had a great one
  9. Got 2 Luv U - Sean Paul Ft. Alexis Jordan
  10. Just being bored, not knowing what to do as I'm condamned to stay in this house...
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