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  1. Having a good time doesn't look like this. But I am having a hard time imagining Emma Watson keeping any serious misbehaviour of Weinstein to herself.
  2. I hope you will find some people here then for conversation. Unfortunately it has gone rather quiet with the end of HP and Emma's more grown-up film projects.
  3. I probably saw him in more roles than I can remember right now. My earliest memory must be seeing him in the 1984 version of Orwell's "1984"....we watched that movie in school back in '85 or so and also read the book. RIP John Hurt.
  4. Ha that was like the second or third thought that crossed my mind when I saw that picture.
  5. ^ That fan seems set on redefining the concept of hugging ...if it is a fan.
  6. Maybe stay at the airport the entire weekend and hope she wants to go somewhere or comes home ? Your chances might actually be better there than in London itself
  7. Welcome then. Even though you are a bit "late"
  8. You are quite late to the party
  9. 130671


    Hello. Doing ok I guess.
  10. Which is a bit weird for a fan site.
  11. 130671


    If the gods had wanted us to be vegans, they would have made us cows...but instead they gave us steak !
  12. I liked all her long hair styles, and I didn't mind the pixie cut. But this ? Good thing hair grows fast
  13. I will remember him most for his performance in Kevin Costners' Robin Hood. So hilarious. Rest in peace.
  14. ^ I think they are rather more intense than beautiful. I feel like saying "Uhm, no, I didn't do anything ?!" when I see that look.
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