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    i have two dogs - I got 1 daschund, named Sam. he's very sweet..only cares about food though.. then i have a border collie sheep dog called Scampi - she is the most amazing dog ever...and she adores watching TV and my brother playing video games
  2. i have a random touch screen made by Orange.... got it froma supermarket..would loeve an I phone though
  3. Arghh its just the way they look at each other --- sooo perfeccttt! I love it when he does the 'lets vote on it' thing...perfect Part 2 is going to kill me.....
  4. Hehe! I was just cruisin through one of my old photobucket galleries and I found this graphic i made like 3-4 years ago how cute are theyyy?
  5. ALEX!!!! I was wondering why you'd never posted in here! now i knowhahah!
  6. omg. it took me 3 hours to get home from my classes/ 5 inches of snow fell in the time i was teaching and all the buses got cancelled!! I had to walk my entire bus journey to get home! but thankfully i had my r/hr playlist on my ipod so it was ok
  7. That's amazing! - how smart is that kid. Well he will be happily surprised when he reaches Deathly Hallows!! I miss the days when I was a kid, and I would get each book on release day (too young to go to midnight releases - AKA my parents wouldnt take me:() and I would sit there for hours and hours and hours just reading til I finished the book!! I want those days back!!!!! anywho, gotta be off -- got some english lessons today with the kiddies - i shall be back on later hopefully x
  8. omg that made me tear up! i love thhemmmmm!
  9. AHHH - sorry to double post but have to post this up for Kristen http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6536822/1/ Especially for you Kristen gave me some ideas to write as a fan fic and this is one of them,.
  10. can you just imagine the negative publicity would get though? 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part Two has been pulled from theatres today as it caused vast majorities of its viewing audiences to go into cardiac arrest. The scene in question is believed to include the film's main love interest, Ron Weasley and Hermione Grander' I can see it now...
  11. Is there a specific number of posts one has to have? Is there an application form/questionnaire? Very curious
  12. haha i have managed to see it in English- just the 1st time i saw it it was in french - then another time at my local cinema coz they dont show Original films justdubbed
  13. well ive seen it twice where its been dubbed in French - ie not rupert dan and emmas voices... it was meh...ok.not 2 much got lost in translation,
  14. ahaha of course its just sad that the only time ive seen it without subtitles is the 2 times i've seen it in French it's never the same when its not in ur native language....(well...idk - coz my natives English!) but you get what i mean!!)
  15. well -- French isnt even my native language, english is - so you can imagine how annoying it is to have the intrusive little subtitles on the screen! grrrrr! lol. cant wait for the dvd. i want r/hr deleted scenes. id also like to see more of MM but i doubt theyd ever put it onthe dvd
  16. according to French amazon, its coming out on April 16th here --- hmm haha i would see it every day if i could!!! Though I think the next time i see it is when i go back to England for the holidays. Looking forward to seeing it without French subtitles on the bottom I go to see it all the for mainly the 'Rons speech' scene,i Love the way she looks at him <3
  17. well... ive seen it 5 times...however i pay 20 a month for an unlimited cinema pass.....so i can see it however many times I want..not too much of a dedication really :( Thanks to vida for recommending simply undeniable - found some well good'uns there
  18. i think its because they apparated to the place where Hermione had tied the scarf to the tree. maybe when the Lovegoods house was being attacked she was just panicking,probably thinking of Ron and remembering tying the scarf to the tree so he could find them....and then they apparated there because it's what she was thinking of? She just sounds so defeated when Scabior pops up from behind that tree!
  19. its ok Kristen i saw it again tonight for the 5th time I think Hermione does realise that Scabior has her scarf. He talks to her first of all and the look on her face and the sound she makes (like she feels sick to the stomach) really highlighted to me that she realized that it was her fault.
  20. Checkmated is amazing <3 i found one on FF.net called Ottery St Catchpole and its amazing...it covers...wow so much.... the weddings - births of all the kids! it was prettty coool
  21. omg i know, ive been prowling the internet to try and find post DH fics that include weddings and babies!!! Kristen. Help i need motivation to WRITE!
  22. hahaha Kristen its ok - we're breaking into the WB to see the kiss, Remember? I should hopefully be able to work some more on your ff ideas tonight! I hopeee so! so excited for them x
  23. lmaooo thats so true - i will either cry my eyes out...or simple drop dead. !!!!! 7 months is TOO LONG to wait for this!
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