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  1. Thank you guys for the replays;)) it makes me stronger to cut my hair short ... i think many of my friends gonna die when they meet me for the first time with my new hair..:-|
  2. i like emmas hair cur really much . i mean i am not a kind of an imitator but i want to change my look and emmas style is so amazing!
  3. maybe you dan upload a pic?? =) i´ve made a makeover with emmas haircut on me:
  4. yes that was my idea before! if i don´t like it i can change it later and cut them shorter..
  5. i totally agree you! i mean, i am so afraid if the hairstyle don´t look at me and i get a heart attack maybe i´ll crying if i see all the hair around me on the ground xD by the way: my hair are shoulder long... here some pics of me... with long hair: (hair extensions) with shoulder long hair ( actually ) the same cut since 3 years! i can´t see it anymore.. i need a new look. xD i think i will do it!!! =D=D
  6. yeah maybe i will doing it... i have my hair like emmas old haar now... and i want a totally change my look... but i am afraid it will looks horrible on me ..
  7. hey guys i´m interested if you would cut your hair like emmas new look? or you looking for a new look and you are inspired by emma?? in my opinion i´ll try it... maybe next week. but i´m a little bit afraid about the result... so, i´m very interested about your opinion...
  8. i agree you! i love it too ) beautiful hair! she looks awesome!
  9. Uploaded with ImageShack.us that´s my fav emma pic of the da! love it so much .
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