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  1. Will

    This or That

    Lana del Rey Rap or Rock?
  2. Will

    This or That

    Movies. Summer or Winter?
  3. She's a cat-form girl, i accept that. After all, some anime characters have animal likeness. I'll also approve if Disney tells us Mickie Mouse isn't a mouse but a Mouse-form human.
  4. Will

    This or That

    I'm not such a fan of fans, so AC Dogs or Cats?
  5. One step for a man... What's your ideal place to live?
  6. Did you find it? They say trees always go back to the place you last saw them
  7. 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2ThfCB2XWs
  8. If someone asks, "Are you okay?" you respond with: La la la, Youhna What would best describe your personality? Sombras (Shadows), Zoe What do you like best about the opposite gender? Tick Tack, UKiss How do you feel today? Can't Hold Us, Macklemore What is your life's purpose? Someday, Youhna What is your motto? Skin to Bone, Linkin Park What do your friends like about you? Holy Grail, Justin Timberlake What do you think of your parents? Touch, Youhna What do you think about often? Soñé (I dreamt), Zoe What do you want to be when you grow up? Magnificense, U2 What do you think of y
  9. Will

    This or That

    Zoo Above sea level or below sea level?
  10. False Has been to any African country?
  11. Hmm yeah, why not xD What's your fav. video game?
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