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    Oh and MAGIC not the fairy stuff - Street Magic - duh

    (Due to the mental capacity of the author the amount of text here will be limited.)
  1. everyone looks so different to how i remember
  2. sooo hi, im P and im returning to the boards
  3. Are these lovely Emma pictures real? All found on this site www.flixya.com/blog/3867306/Photographer-Martin-Schoeller/
  4. *starts dancing* heyyyy whats goin on???
  5. There was a time when most people thought Lady Gaga was a dude There was a time when most people thought Lady Gaga was a dude
  6. i love cds it nice to have the physical object as well as the audio tracks where is the fun in hitting download when you can open up a case, take out a cd enjoy ur music and read through the booklet as u listen
  7. hearing the words 'i love you'
  8. why did u tell me that?? i wont be around tomorrow anyway
  9. 50 inch flat screen panasonic tv and an aditional pc moniter 15 inch and another 35 inch tv
  10. i write with right i play football with both i fight with both
  11. balloons lol, i do street magic, i put some kids phone inside one
  12. laughed at ridicculus emails i been sent bled, lots, coughed drunk water burped i only woke up an hour ago
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