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  1. Luckily, american colleges are full of interesting girls....good for Kenneth....and probably Emma too
  2. I'm sure she can't wait to show up on your doorstep now
  3. I think she tries to avoid running into fans as much as possible, otherwise she would not get anything done in her life. And I think she has done a truly remarkable job so far not making headlines with "excessive behaviour" of any kind - in that regard she has been treating us all extraordinarily well. You can say you are a fan without immediately following up with "except for this thing..." or "unless she does that again..." Not a small thing to do for everyone out there.
  4. watching BBC's "The Musketeers" (quite good too )
  5. I'd rather not....and luckily (for her character) it seems Emma was also spared that, judging from the soldiers body pose I think he just backhanded Emma with his (empty) right hand...
  6. Just imagine yourself doing some panicked sprinting in those, Elena....
  7. LOLZ I think there are mods out there for freckles and hyperrealistic skin-shading too...
  8. Yeah right...the synopsis of this movie has been out for over 2000 years and everyone has heard of it, no need for more advertising
  9. Looks like I'm an "astute Watson afficionado" When I see that brow, nose and jawline (plus the short hair draws even more attention), a voice inside me goes Watson! immediately from across the room. As for taste and class....I don't know really. Nudity and art will always be good for heated discussions.
  10. I would love a really good fight scene with Emma. I guess swords are the next best thing to lightsabers
  11. Lol well this topic was finally turned to some good use it seems.
  12. Lol Elena I know you're not the forgiving kind but show some mercy to the younger creepy ones
  13. Maybe don't use "babe" and "he for she" in the same sentence?....I mean, respect for women (esp ones you have just met) and all that... And btw, what is this topic about? What someone else would do about her abduction and say afterwards?
  14. ^ Kind of scary once her big brown eyes are gone
  15. Doesn't ring a bell I have to admit. *consults yt* Yeah somewhat.
  16. She does have a very slight accent sometimes but I can tell you it should be no problem at all for her to pass as german
  17. Well maybe you have heard that it's the exact other way round in many other countries. Americans really dislike subtitles, so they have to have dubbing, and Germany is much the same...at least on the big screen I think. It is kind of annoying if there are ppl doing stuff and talking in the upper part but you have to concentrate on the lower one frequently to get some idea of what they are talking about....and I feel most of the time it also ruins the atmosphere somehow.
  18. I thought I remembered something about german ancestry
  19. Exactly That's what synchro is for....or you would have to bother the whole world except Germany/Austria/Switzerland with subtitles... If Sandra Bullock wasn't too old for the role, she might have pulled it off with a little practice since she speaks a fair bit of german I think
  20. Must have missed that Berlin visit since Noah wasn't exactly my kind of movie...which is actually true of most of her movies I guess it's a matter of perception with the accents. Many germans feel that english is okay with almost any kind of accent except a german one which sounds horrible. So maybe if she did that (and ofc it is as challenging as any other) only germans in the audience who see the original version would go "omg no"
  21. Watching some let's play videos on yt
  22. I feel kind of honored that she will play a german but she might as well just speak normal english for the role? It will be synchronized here anyway, and I very much doubt it will add any "realism" to the situation if she just goes for accent, unlike with her part in Perks. Although seeing and hearing her try some real german just for fun would be nice. Maybe that lucky a*****e Daniel Brühl will get to teach her some.... It will also be the first time ever she visits germany I think. Hope she takes home some good memories
  23. I'm not a language expert, but where did you hear that? Might be important?
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