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Birthday Project - Last Call

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In case you missed it on the main site, we are doing a birthday project for Emma. You can send in art and graphics, pictures, poems, stories, a song you wrote, a simple birthday greeting, or whatever you think is a nice way to say Happy Birthday. You can find more details here. The deadline is end of the day on Sunday the 10th.

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You could put the message in the same email, or PM, as the graphic. Then they will be together. The text box is mostly for people who just want to say something short, like "Happy Birthday Emma!", or don't want to use email.

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Oops, just realised I missed the deadline :(


(Ignore my previous post in the staff thread)



It's too bad to hear you missed the deadline.


Did you make a graphic? Maybe you will be able to send it to Emma via her official site's fanmail, or show her on her twitter or facebook pages.

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