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  4. Old members do visit occasionally but it's not like it was in the past.
  5. dookdookdook

    cant login

    I've sent you an email. In case others are having the same problem, you must use your forum displayname to log in. This replaced the username. If you are trying with your displayname and still can't log in, please post to this forum.
  6. Some images were deleted. Show a little respect.
  7. It makes me sad too. We started doing birthday projects when Emma was 16, and this would have been our 14th year. I wish more people still wanted to do them but we have to post a bunch of times on twitter to get a response. I will add a birthday post on the main website just after 12am UK time. You can write birthday wishes for Emma there in the comments. I will also invite people to send in graphics if they like and I will add those to the post. We will also have a post on facebook for people that like that platform.
  8. I think most people have lost interest in participating in the birthday and Christmas projects. You are the only person who has asked about doing a birthday project this year. It would be a sad end to have a project with only a few responses. Maybe it is just better to stop before that time. We will post on the website, facebook and twitter on Emma's birthday and you are most welcome to add your wishes for her there.
  9. Yup, spammers got busy again. Nice banners.
  10. I think by the time Emma worked with him she would have had too much power to fight back, too much of a risk. Predators don't attack if the risk is too great. There are "alleged" incidents with other big name stars but before they rose to fame. The pictures are still disturbing, but I think these show the "bullying" reputation of Weinstein.
  11. Emma did not attend. She did tweet a thank you.
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