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  1. You were reaching the maximum total amount of storage for uploaded images which was 500k. This was meant for avatars and sigs and such. Members were expected to post links to images hosted on image sites. This is a holdover from when the forums were active and if members had used forum attachments the site would have quickly run out of disk space. I guess we can relax that some. I've increased it to 50mb total and 300k for individual images. If you, or others, still find this limiting I can increase it some more.
  2. Old members do visit occasionally but it's not like it was in the past.
  3. dookdookdook

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    I've sent you an email. In case others are having the same problem, you must use your forum displayname to log in. This replaced the username. If you are trying with your displayname and still can't log in, please post to this forum.
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