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Searching for a movie title...

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A while ago I saw a movie on TV and I can't think of the name anymore...it was quite a horrific but intriguing story...see if anyone can help. It's about a couple. The woman wakes up to find her husband is dead. The next day however, he's still alive. She finds out that every day is a different day of the week, in other words, her life isn't chronological anymore. One day, her husband is still there, another day, it is already after his funeral. She then realises she might be able to find out on what day he has died or will die so that she might be able to prevent it...in the end she's almost able to stop it, but then his car explodes for some reason...


Does anyone know which movie I mean, my description is not very clear, I know. Somehow I remember Sandra Bullock being in it, but I'm far from sure...

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