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Wow, this place is literally unrecognizable from the early days...


But hello everyone. My name is Robyn and once upon a time I used to be a member on here (Joined around 2002ish?) and was a Moderator for a long while. I eventually left due to my life being ridiculously insane (Not much as changed though) and that was that. I doubt anyone is around from that far back, but I was around when Enigma was the Head Super-duper Moderator. If anyone remembers him, that might tell you how long and how old I am. :blush:


It's great to be back though and I look forward to meeting anyone and everyone that I can. I still absolutely adore Emma and I guess I'm just coming back to where it all sort of began for me just as the last movie is about to be released. :)

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I used to be a member of the forums in 2002-2005...I was just 11years old back then, and kinda shy, so I stuck mostly to the graphic forums. :D But I do remember Enigma and Maestro, Marta, Boma, Jo, Avedic, etc... :D But then, like you said, life became kinda insane. I don't even remember my old username. So I highly doubt you know me... :lol: But, welcome back!!! :3m_sie:

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