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  1. Hi there! I guess it always feels that way when someone close to your heart passed away so suddenly. I've also experienced this kind of situation twice...two of my trusted friends died on separate occasions. One died from heart attack and the other from what I call "nightmare" (I don't know, he just died when he's asleep).. Same as you, I could still remember our happy days together and never will I forget those moments..they've been great friends to me and I just can't thank them enough.. I really felt nothing (or more like numb!)at first when I was informed of their deaths..I was like
  2. Ireland definitely!! Love the cliffs and green pastures and music! (Bagpipes are cool!! )
  3. ...well, the unbeatable hospitality..with all the beaming faces despite of poverty..mail order brides (sadly!)..OFWs...an archipelago with the most number of islands I guess...great tropical climate..panoramic views..the largest Catholic country in Asia..
  4. Korean and Welsh...I'm a Kpop fan and I couldn't understand a thing..Welsh sounds sophisticated to me..
  5. I just love to travel and everyone seems to be friendly out here so anyone at all!
  6. tried it too but with friends...much more fun than the planned ones..just make sure you have your purpose of going there intact..and always stay out of trouble! Just enjoy!!
  7. "Things are serious when Kate starts to make sense!"- Lizzie Mcguirre the Movie
  8. Inaantok na ako! (Tagalog- Philippines) I'm sleepy!
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