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Shoe problems!

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I'm not sure if this is the right forums, so to the mods: feel free to move it.


I was wondering if there are any girls here who have the same problem as I: broad feet and a high instep. For me, it's extremely difficult to find shoes that actually fit. Most shoes are too narrow. Elegant heels are not made for me, nor are ballerinas. I buy new shoes once or twice a year or so (don't have many pairs, but enough), because I always have to buy really special and expensive ones. Because of this, I also have difficulties finding appropriate dancing shoes; I wanted satin, skin-coloured dancing shoes, but at the shop where I was today, they told me it'd be better to take leather because it would stretch up. So I always first have to look what fits me, and then see which of the models that actually fit me I want. Really annoying sometimes <_<. Anyone else here who isn't blessed with "easy" feet?

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I have the same problem with wide feet :(


Sometimes shoes are fine with me, but other times they're too tight or show my toes. I don't think I have weird feet but they don't seem to make shoes to fit me. So your not alone

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I have a similar problem because I am a dancer as well. My feet are teeny tiny and a little wide. So I have such a hard time finding shoes. I often end up buying kids flats because they are wider and my feet are still like kid sized. Being a ballerina I actually find heels the most comfortable lol. But it is tough finding ones that are wide enough. I have high archs as well. There is this brand called naot. They an israeli sandal brand and they make other shoes too. Their shoes mold to your feet so there amazing for high arched feet!

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