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Online College vs. Going to A Campus


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Well, here I am again, rambling on lol. I want to know your opinion on this. This is yet another debate on online schooling vs. going to a campus. So which one would you prefer and why?


As for me, even though I did my schooling online due to conveniency reasons, I would rather go to an actual campus due to the fact that I don't like learning the material..."on my own" so-to-speak.


What do you guys think? Aaaaaand...ding ding ding. Let the debate begin.

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I love being on my campus, I love being around other students just as eager (okay, perhaps that's not possible - I'm a bit of study freak) as I to learn, focus and get my education. It's the environment I'd rather, instead of sitting at home on the computer. The thing is that that isn't possible for everyone to accomplish. Some people cannot afford the tuition, residence costs, etc., that comes from going to a proper university. Online courses allow folks who don't have the same blessings that some of us do to take the courses, get the credits and still have the opportunity to learn and better themselves through education.


For a personal choice, I love being on-campus, but I know it isn't for everyone :)

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Well, I am offering you another option!


I do both. I attend University but I also take some of my courses online. My school offers online courses. The courses are taught by full time professors so I can always schedule a meeting or something if I need help. I still enjoy all the great things campus has to offer, even though I don't live on campus, and I get to have a Schedule that works better for me.


My advice would be to look into a uni that offers online courses as well. That way you can have a campus but also have more freedom.


The other thing to consider is that many places do not accept online degrees. Some work places only accept degrees from certain online schools. I have a friend that got really screwed over because of this.

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For me its campus ;) I love sitting on lecture (even though sometimes they're boring :D ), I love coffe from machine (even though it yucky sometimes), I love sitting on stairs and talking to my collge mates while waiting for lecture to start. Those little things are plus.


Online college is good if you have a job so you don't have time to sit all day on a lecture or you don't have money for tuition.


But you will never experience things which students have to go through (example : camping in front of professor cabinet cause you don't when he will come to college, vocal exam on parking 'cause professor is going on field trip , "hunting" older students on campus to ask them if they have some books for an upcoming exam ect.)



so, yeah, campus all the way :)

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Well it all depends on what you want to do in life. Most colleges these days have online classes so I'm guessing your topic is more geared towards primarily online colleges. If you want to be taken seriously for graduate school you are better off going with a credited style campus rather than online colleges. It shows more commitment and to be honest online college classes are far easier than actual classes. I've taken online courses, I've taken actual on campus courses, there's no comparison to them.


That's not to say strictly online college degrees are bad or anything. But lets say you go to the university of phoenix online (which seems one of the more popular ones) and get a degree as opposed to say UCLA. Most would probably take UCLA because it's an on campus experience, they have more prestige, and again on campus vs online classes aren't the same.


Take it for what you will, I see a lot of potential in online classes, but the way they are now it's way too easy to abuse.

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