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Hey yall...let this be OUR year...get word out to others to vote non stop for DH 2 categories...


Best male...Dan

Best female...Emma

Best cast...Dan/Rupert/Emma/Tom

Best fight...Harry vs. Voldemort

Besr movie...DEATHLY HALLOWS 2

Best Kiss...Ron/Hermione



Follow that link and then vote for the other categories-let's have HP (especially R/Hr kiss ;)) go out with a bang and beat everyone!! :ohyeah:

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I voted! On a side note, I really like how they set up the voting!! Well done!!


It was so hard to choose for some of the categories where HP, The Help, and Hunger Games were all options. I really love all 3!!!!

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I voted for all the categories that Harry Potter is nominated in :) fingers crossed they win every single nomination!! They totally deserve it!! :)

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I have just finished voting. I hope all actors / actresses who played a role in Harry Potter win the prize! That would be awesome XD

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voted lol not all to HP's favours tho... sorry lol dont kill me haha


Same here, don't worry. :P I think most of the other female actresses deserves it more in the best female performance category.

Don't kill me either haha, I mean Emma is great but there are some very good performances, especially Rooney Mara.

I mean it's quite hard to compare totally different genres like that as well... different roles are challenging in different ways,

and some roles brings out more of you as an actor than others.

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Hey yall...we are only weeks away!!! We need to keep voting...







This is our time to shine yall-our last time...so lets do this!!!! :)

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