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Notice: I don't ship Fred/Hermione personally. However, I was inspired by a video I had seen. There is no hint of Ron/Hermione in this fiction or any other ships. The plot will still be hinted in this fiction, but, this story is about just them two. Fred and Hermione Video (Inspiration) (I did post this on the other forum, I have tweaked the chapters a bit and I plan to continue with more chapters)




It's been 2 weeks since the battle of Hogwarts finished and the death of a rough estimate of 50 people, including my beloved Fred. In those 2 weeks I have returned to Hogwarts to finish the remainder of my seventh year. I haven't seen or heard from Harry or Ronald for 2 weeks, including owl post. My mind is not with me anymore. My intellect is fading as the memories I cannot forget. Let me share them. Memoire.

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Chapter 1, Part 1


I sit in the Great Hall eating breakfast, with a selective amount of students that did come back to finish the year off. I stare across the table where the others would usually sit, but, Ginny has replaced them now, looking at Ginny I remember, Memoire.

September 1st, 1994

The train arrived approximately 2 hours ago, since then; we have arrived by carriage and have been sitting in the Great Hall watching first years getting sorted. When I say we, I mean Harry, Ronald, Fred, George, Ginny and myself. I sit wondering when the feast will begin, but, I also sit wondering when he'll announce this year’s news. The last first year was now sorted and Dumbledore welcomed each and every one of them to Hogwarts. The entire Great Hall exploded with thunderous applause.

"Now were all settled in and sorted," Dumbledore began, he waited for everyone to notice he was now making his speech and carried on, "This castle will not only be your home this year... but home to some very special guests as well. You see Hogwarts has been chosen-" Filch came running down the Great Hall, down to Dumbledore. Many students were laughing at his extraordinary running fashion. He mumbled something and ran back out again. "So, Hogwarts has been chosen to host the legendary event: The Triwizard Tournament." He made a lot of emphasis on the word legendary. "Now, for those of you who do not know, the Triwizard Tournament brings together three schools for a series of magical contests. From each school, a single student is selected to compete. Now let me be clear.... If chosen, you stand alone." His tone of voice had now changed. "And, trust me when I say these contests are not for the faint-hearted, but, more of that later. For now, please join me in welcoming the lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic..." The hall doors opened and I turned to look in fascination, along with all the students and teachers present, "And their headmistress, Madame Maxime." All the girls came out in blue dresses and flourishing their arms at us. They looked very elegant and smooth in their walking. They used their magic and created tiny birds, in which, flew from under their dresses. They were shortly followed by their headmistress and 2 blonde girls, one much shorter than the other, the shorter not in the same uniform. I sat as the whole hall clapped them welcome. "And now our friends from the north, please greet, the proud sons of Durmstrang and their high master... IGOR KARKAROFF!" A group of older lads came rushing through the doors, making loud bangs on the floor with their wooden posts. They looked so proud, the teachers shuffled about in their seats and watched in surprise and some in shock. These wizards looked well educated. They all went running down the path, as everyone gasped as they dropped their wooden posts. Everyone stood to get a better view, including me and the front student from Durmstrang broke out into an alone dance. The others surrounded the edges of the hall as Victor Krum came striding down the hall, as serious and proud as ever, without looking around, acting like he owned the place, followed by Igor Karkaroff.

"Blimey it's him... Victor Krum." Ronald stated in shock and the boy who had finished dancing blew out a fire dragon. This whole entrace was so effective, I much rather preferred this to the Beauxbatons entrance.


The smell of hot meat made me realise the feast had begun. I turned back to look at the table and it was filled with mountains of food. Everyone filled themselves until their hearts content, half way through most dishes switched to deserts. The faces of the first years were like de jar vu of what ours were like when we started here at Hogwarts. The ghosts played their part and introduced themselves to the first years and after my treacle tart, I made notes in my book.

"Hermione, do you always have to carry a book, really?" Ronald asked through a mouthful of ice cream and I lifted my gaze from the notebook to him.

"And, do you always have to eat?" I countered him. Fred and George smiled in amusement.

"She's got a point there brother." They said together. I glanced down at my notebook as I heard everyone talking about the magnificent entrance of the Durmstrangs. I looked back up again and towards Fred.

"That was amazing, did you feel that strong vibe from Krum, the whole entrance was so... capturing."

"You sound like a perfectionist, Fred." I said smiling.

"I am a great perfectionist, Hermione. You have to be in my job."

"What job?" I smirked. He did not reply but he smiled at me and I looked down at my plate.


I hadn't noticed however what now sat at the front of the great hall.

"Your attention please! I'd like to say a few words. Eternal glory! That is what awaits the student who wins the Triwizard Tournament. But to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks."

"Wicked," Fred and George said together. I however, frowned at them from behind as I totally disapproved of this Triwizard Tournaments 'wickedness.'

"For this reason the Ministry has seen fit to impose a new rule. To explain all this, we have the head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation... Mr . Bartemius Crouch." The sky was suddenly uncontrolled as the thunder suddenly felt real. I felt the fear of nearly everyone in the hall. Everyone broke out into screams as a flash of red hit it. Everyone looked from where it came. It was a wizard’s wand, a wizard I hadn’t seen before.

"Bloody hell, its Mad-Eye Moody." Ronald exclaimed.

"Alastor Moody? The Auror?" I asked Ronald not knowing this myself.

"Auror?" Dean asked his face showing curiosity and confusion.

"Dark wizard catcher. Half the cells in Askaban are filled thanks to him. He's supposed to be mad as a hatter, though, these days." Ronald finished off.

"What's that he's drinking d'you suppose?" Seamus asked nodding towards Moody.

"I don't know but I don't think it's pumpkin juice." Harry sighed.

"After due consideration," Bartemius Crouch began, "The Ministry has concluded that for their own safety, no student under the age of 17 shall be allowed to put forth their name for the Triwizard Tournament." The hall was soon filled with outrage.

"That's rubbish! You don't know what you're doing!" Fred shouted in annoyance.

"Fred! Calm down." I half shouted towards him, but over everybody else, I doubt he heard me.

"Silence!" Dumbledore shouted and the whole hall went peaceful.

"They're not too happy about that then," I muttered snidely to Angela next to me. Fred was now gazing at me shortly followed by Harry.

"The Goblet of Fire, anyone wishing to submit themselves to the tournament, needs only to write their name upon a piece of parchment and throw it in the flame before this hour on Thursday night. Do not do so lightly. If chosen, there's no turning back. And from this moment, the Triwizard Tournament has begun." His speech had finished as everyone stared at the blue flame. It hit me now the seriousness of this Tournament and I think it had hit the others too, as the tension was strong. The teachers stood along with the Prefects. "First years, follow your prefects to your dormitories, everyone else, make your own way. Thank you."


Fred and George stood up in quickly in outrage and then suddenly, out of nowhere, smiled.

"What's amused you?" Harry asked confused.

"Were going to find a new way... we'll cheat Dumbledore to get our names in the Goblet." Fred said contently, as if he was 100% positive it would work.

"You can't cheat Dumbledore's magic." I stated shaking my head.

"Oh yeah, watch us." George said. "We'll have a potion brewed up soon and it will work."

"You're wrong, you can't do that!" Ginny cried, "You'll get expelled."

"Keep a positive head on sis. The amount of times we've wound up in Dumbledore's office for something and haven't been expelled, it’s unbelievable."

"You've had your fair amount of warnings though." Ronald pointed out, smiling though, as if he liked Fred and George’s plan.

"Dumbledore loves us," Fred said confidently.

"You're a bit full of yourself," I said.

"Nonsense..." Fred said and ruffled my hair. I frowned at him as both the twins walked out of the great hall. What was with the that?



Late that night when everyone was asleep I made my way down to the Common Room, to sit on the couch in front of the fire and read my books. I sneaked down the tower stairs and made myself comfortable, using the light from the fire, I opened up my book and dropped it instantly. Someone had coughed. I jumped up to look and I noticed a dark figure in the corner.

"Hello?" I wondered.

"Her-mio-ne," he separated it with care.

"Fred... what are you doing?"

"Couldn't sleep,†yet he yawned.

"Next time... maybe let me know you're in the room before you give me a heart attack? It would be much appreciated." Fred laughed.

"Oh right, yeah sorry love," He said with a hint of sarcasm, striding out of the shadow with a smile etched on his face. He picked up my book off the floor. "Blimey Hermione... you read some rubbish."

"Shut..." I got my book off him, "Up." Fred chuckled and sat down on the couch. I sat next to him and placed my book in my lap.

"So where'd you get your rubbish from?"

"They aren’t rubbish there this year’s books. I thought I’d quickly re-read them before we start lessons tomorrow."

"Wait... go back and hold... re-read? You've already read it once?" He looked like he was having trouble understanding.

"No. Twice... this is my third."

"You're mad. I don't even attempt opening mine,†He sounded proud of this.

"Yes, Fred but that's why you're failing."

"Hey, I am not failing." He exclaimed.

"Well I beg to differ." I smiled and he chuckled again.

"To be honest, you're probably right." Now I was giggling with him. "How long you staying up for?"

"For as long as I keep my eyes open." I said smiling slightly.

"Won't be long then," He breathed.

"And why is that?" I asked bringing my eyebrows together.

"You're a girl, of course." He smiled flashing his teeth and I gasped and hit him while laughing.

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Chapter 2, Part 1

With the memories that have now become my soaring pain, I can’t seem to forget the person I once had in my embrace. I admit some moments I had with him were awkward, but, we also had moments full of sadness, anger, happiness and love. I was now sitting in the common room by myself, staring into the blazing fire. It’s how I like to be now, alone. Staring into the flames I begin to lose myself, Memoire.


September 13th, 1994

Week two was coming to an end and Harry was now in the Tournament too. He claimed to have not entered his name but it name was taken from the Goblet neither the less, just like Victor Krum, Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour. One from each school, except that is Hogwarts which had two contestants. Ronald had fallen out completely with Harry and he had lost plenty of friends himself. Many students were now making rumours about him and tearing him down. I spent a great deal of my time on my own. It was hard not to get caught up in the commotion. I wasn’t choosing sides; I cared for them both dearly. It was early Friday evening and I was taking my usual stroll around the grounds. While I was walking I thought about how soon the ground would be capped with snow. The lake would be frozen. How cold it would soon be. I walked down towards the lake and sat on the grass bank. I stared at the water, rippling and overlapping the barrier. It was peaceful. A few students were running about up by the Stone Circle by the Covered Bridge.


I heard footsteps from afar, but, I didn’t turn to look. They seemed to be getting closer to me this time. I lost myself in the lake, wondering about the Grindylows at the bottom. The figure sat next to me and I glanced to my right, Fred.

“Hi Fred,†I began.

“Hello Hermione,†he replied, “What you doing?†He looked to where I was looking, trying to see the fascination, which to him, was not there.

“Did you know Grindylows or Grundylows, whichever you prefer, drown little children if they get to close to the water’s edge? They tend to lurk Ponds, Marches, Lakes and any deep water places.â€

“Sounds fascinating,†Fred replied with a large hint of sarcasm.

“Sorry, I was just... never mind... so, what brings you out?â€

“I’m just bored, I wanted a walk and recognised your figure.†The silence fell and was then interrupted after a minute. “So, Harry and Ron... put you in an awkward place, ey?â€

“It’s so hard, it’s like they’re both determined to bring me down with them. I’m staying away from them both, I can’t choose sides.â€

“Yeah I get you, Ron thinks because he’s fell out with Harry the whole family has to as well.â€

“Harry’s lost enough of his friend and that’s not fair on you and your family, he needs to grow up a little.â€

“A little?†Fred chuckled.

“Fair point,†I laughed with him, “Ronald is immature.†We looked at each other for some time and then the moment got awkward. I realised then, that the twins were more immature. I cleared my throat and turned my gaze back to the lake.

“Say, Hermione?â€

“Yes Fred?†I wondered what was coming, help with homework?

“Hogsmeade weekend soon,†He was talking about the all wizarding village, the only one in Britain.

“Yeah tomorrow.â€

“Do you want to hook up?â€

“Sounds good, I don’t want to go with neither Harry nor Ronald anyway,†I sighed.

“Oh... I meant...†He stopped talking and I turned to look at him. He was looking down, at first I didn’t think and then I just noticed.

“OH, oh! Fred! You sure?â€

“Well I asked right?â€

“What would Ronald think?â€

“Who cares what anyone thinks...â€

“Okay, I’ll go with you.†Fred smiled and I smiled weakly. Was this going to be awkward?

“Say, Hermione are you feeling-“

“The awkwardness?â€


“Yup.†I replied. Fred stood up and looked at me.

“I’m not good at this stuff; let’s go back to the castle,†He rushed out. I smiled at him, I found it cute.


The awkward moment got a little worse as we both retreated up to the Common Room. He was embarrassed and I didn’t know what to say. We both said goodbye to each other and went into our towers. I climbed the girls tower and slipped inside my dormitory. I sighed as I closed the door behind me. I went straight into the bathroom and cleaned myself up; I came out feeling refreshed and sat on the sill by the window staring out over the grounds. I opened the window to let some air in. The sky was now dark. I picked the book up that I had left on the window sill from night before and opened it up, Hogwarts a History. I closed the book again after some short time as my mind was elsewhere. Fred had asked me out, but, it was still a shock to me. Did that mean he liked me? I wasn’t sure if I liked him the same back. Would it be awkward tomorrow, like it was just? So many questions thundered into my mind. Then Krum, why was he watching me every time we crossed paths. Simple things I was now starting to notice.

“Hermione.†I jumped at the sound of Ginny’s voice.

“My gosh, Ginny!â€

“Sorry,†she giggled. I never heard her come in, due to my deep thoughts.

“What brings you to this dormitory?â€

“I wondered if you could look over this for me?†I put my hand out and took her parchment from her, Potions. She was probably scared of Professor Snape being horrible to her if it was wrong. I read through it.

“It’s perfect, but, you should add in that an antidote is a potion that will protect against or act as a remedy for specific ailments.â€

“Thank you Hermione, will do.†Ginny hugged me, took her parchment back and skipped back out my dormitory with a smile on her face.


Hours passed and everyone had entered the room and claimed their beds. However, I still sat on the sill, book in my lap and wishing I had some Sleeping Draught. My eyes started to burn with tiredness, so I got up at quickly went into the bathroom and filled the sink with water. I dunked my head into the sink and opened my eyes, to cure the burning sensation. Leaving the bathroom again, patting my face with a towel to dry off, I decided to go sit in the Common Room. I put the towel on my bed and entered the Common Room, I noticed Fred sitting in front of the fire. He looked tired and his skin pale in the fire light, the flames were lighting up his face. I kneeled down beside him. He turned to look at me and I smiled at him, he returned my smile with his own. I put my hand gently on his face and looked carefully at him. This was the boy who I had grown up with, the funny boy with long red hair and great personality and looks. His hand moved on top of mine on his face. I took my hand from his face and looked down.

“Do you like me Fred?â€

“I feel different for you, but, I’m not quite sure what it is yet, this is why I asked to spend the day with you tomorrow. I want to get to know you more, if that possible.†He chuckled.

“Fred, I feel the same, but, can’t you feel the awkward vibe? I suppose, I want to see how this turns out too though.â€

“You’re a great friend Hermione.†Fred replied.

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Thanks for your kind comments Stef. i hope to get more readers soon.




I hope to have the next chapter up soon. Since Harry Potter come out I have had an urge to do a fiction! I'm also midst of a 4th chapter of a Ron and Hermione one.

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no prob :)


meaning ur writing a fanfic of ron and hermione, if so coool, i would love to read that too!!!

Indeed I am! I'm making a banner now!


thanks jade<333


chp 2 will be posted in the max. of a weeks time!!!

Yay cannot wait!

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Very well done, and quite cute! [=


Hope to read more sometime if you plan to continue it.


Now your making me want to pick up writing again.



I have HIGH plans to continue! Thank you so much Josh. :)

I hope you do start to write again.

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Hey everyone, sorry this chapter took so long, i've been having some personal issue's lately and I also become a Forum Moderator, so I have been a tad busy. None the less, here you go.



Chapter 2, Part 2


September 14th, 1994

A new day had started and I had woken up early. I was down in the Common Room at 8:00am, Harry was already there. We went down to breakfast together. Harry seemed pretty down; I tried not to mention anything to him that may depress him more than he already seemed to be, so I read the newspaper over my bowl of cereal. While I was munching away, I thought about Fred. He come down to breakfast as his usual self, accompanied by George.

“Hogsmeade weekend! Yes!†The twins chanted taking their seats either side of Harry.

“I’m not going.†Harry replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“Why ever not?â€I sighed.

“I don’t want to.â€

“Come to Hogsmeade Sunday with me?†I asked, but, I merely got a shrug of the shoulders... again. I understood. I sighed and looked around the hall. The other houses tables seemed pretty much full. Everyone woke up early on Hogsmeade weekends, all those eligable to go anyway, it was the excitement over powering their minds. The carriages were arriving about now and it was announced that the 4th years could group together in the courtyard and be put into groups of 6 and placed into carriages. Fred looked at me as we left the hall, I caught his eye and smiled sweetly back at him and then we joined together into a carriage. Ronald, Ginny and Luna soon joined us too along with 1 other Gryffindor I did not know and the carriage set off.

“So this should be fun.†Fred said to me. My mind wondered back to Harry sitting in the Great Hall alone.

“I guess it will be.†I smiled.

“Guess? Hermione? It’s me... what can go wrong?†Fred chuckled and I giggled nervously.

“Oh trust me, a heck of a lot.†I giggled back.


The journey went by quick and soon we arrived in Hogsmeade together. Me and Fred wondered off from the group and the first place Fred aimed for was the sweet shop. It surprised me it wasn't the joke shop. He used the money from his products he had been selling in school to buy countless Chocolate Frogs. I brought a few myself. After, we walked over to a frost capped grass bank and walked around it for a while. Fred opened his chocolate frogs one by one, being careful not to let them escape.

“I always wondered who thought of making these.†Fred complied.

“I’m not actually quite sure.†I frowned.

“My god! Something Miss Granger doesn’t know! Weh-hey applause!†I smiled toward him and then noticed his chocolate frog.

“You might want to stop boasting and catch your food.†I pointed to the frog that was now leaping away.

“NO, my frog!†Fred ran after the frog all around the grass bank. I laughed insanely at him. It was a great joy to watch. The frog had escaped his grasp twice when he had eventually caught it. He gave up and opened another. By now, I had eaten all 3 of mine.

“Here you go.†I gave him my cards.

“You don’t collect the cards?â€

“No... I don’t believe in it.â€

“What do you believe in?†He made a lot of emphasis on the do you.

“I believe in keeping your morals no matter what. In keeping your mentality, intelligence,†I looked over to him; he was making a mess with his Chocolate Frogs, “And not over indulging.†He paused and looked at me. I returned his look but laughed at him. He smiled but blushed at the same time. "Now I know where Ronald gets it from."

“Shut up.†Fred sighed. “I never meant about your morals and stuff, I meant well what do you do for fun.â€

“Well I read and-“

“No actually, you know what? Doesn’t matter,†He grinned and I realised my hobbies did pretty much bore everyone.

“You asked.†I smiled.

“I know, I guess it just slipped my mind for a split second.†He finished, as he said this I realised he was staring into my eyes, for a moment it was uncomfortable. I realised how close he was. But it started to warm me up inside and I felt like a new person. It was like I had... butterfly's.

“What the hell are you two doing?†Ronald’s voice sounded and he pushed his way into the middle of me and Fred. He had made both me and Fred jump.

“Oh erm...†I hovered on what to say, “We both wanted chocolate frogs so we went together."

“Oh... cool.†Ronald said looking at me, not looking even remotely interested and I smiled to him.

“So erm... what you two want to do now?†Ronald asked, Fred sighed and I just smiled, trying to not make it obvious. Then we were joined by Ginny and Luna.

“Hey guys, you seen Harry around?†She asked.

“Who cares.†Ronald exclaimed.

“I do.†Ginny replied.

“Why? Want to stalk him?†Ronald said sourly. I nudged Ronald.

“Honestly Ronald!†I walked off and past Ginny and back into Hogsmeade itself. “He hasn’t come Ginny. He stayed at Hogwarts.â€



December 6th, 1994

The next few months flew by, me and Fred tried not to make anything obvious about us. We met each other in private and shared little things. We hadn't had any physical contact yet. We had a tiff about our feelings and we weren’t quiet the same after, but we were working on it. After the tiff I realised, he liked me a lot more than I liked him. The first task was over and Harry and Ronald were talking again. The Yule Ball had been announced and things got awkward between all the girls and boys. Explained me and Fred. I was sitting in the Great Hall studying, with Professor Snape a little too close for comfort. Fred kept looking at me and I was getting frustrated.

“This is mad, at this rate, we’ll be the only ones in our year without a date.†Ronald said. “Well, us and Neville.â€

“Yeah but he can take himself.†Harry said and the both of them chuckled.

“It might interest you to know, that Neville has already got someone.â€

“Now I’m really depressed.†Ronald sighed. Fred flicked a note over to Ronald and me and Harry read with him.


'Hurry up before all the good ones are gone.'


“Who you going with then?†Ronald asked him and Fred took a swift glance at me then threw a paper ball at Angelina. She turned to look at him.

“What!†She said through gritted teeth.

“Will you... go to the ball,†He did a dance motion, “With me,†He pointed at himself.

“Oh, yeah alright then,†Her reply made my heart sink. Though I had a date no one knew about, for the unknown... this burned.

“Hey, Hermione, you’re a girl.†Ronald said.

“Yeah, well spotted.â€

“Coming on our own?†He did a pathetic dance action. Both the boys head took a blow by Professor Snape books. “Come on, it’s one thing for a bloke to show up alone, but for a girl it’s just sad.â€

“I won’t be going alone because believe it or not someone has already asked me.†Fred’s head shot up. He thought he got in there first. I gave my book to Professor Snape and walked back to get me belongings. I glanced at Fred, who's face looked pissed off, then shot my mouth at Ronald.

“And I said YES!â€

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This is a new ship to me, kinda not used to it buuut it's nice and i'd love to read more :)

hehe, yay, thank you. (:


Aww, I just read them. They're really cute! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read more!

Thank you so much, <3


Oooh, I like! :D It was worth the wait, well done :yesyes: <3

Aww thank you, Ellen. <3

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