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  1. Very cool, but I don't think the problem is "where will the pee come from." I am more worried about where, and how, it will be stored. I mean, technically it could become "outdated" and start to smell worse than it already does . And, with more and more parts of the world becoming more habitable than before, viable options for a "pee plant" may soon have to be the townhall of a slum district.
  2. I'm kind of in-between the area of "I can... float" and "I am an average swimmer." Closer to floating, though
  3. This is cool, yes. But I have a strange feeling this Homer guy will start proposing a way to change a person's hair color to blond and a dietary plan to make everyone slim and tall . I mean, seriously, do we really need this? Oh, and I don't necessarily want someone pointing a laser at my eye. Do you remember the recent Final Destination? You know, when the laser turned on high power and burned straight through the woman's eye? Yeah, no lasers for me
  4. I thought I should start this topic up again because we all could use some more songs on our iPods. Am I right? ---------- 10. Duh This was my first Broadway show. Ahh, it was great
  5. I like Kimberly's idea. However, if you can't find a nearby Russian, you can always learn the different keystrokes for Russian language on the keyboard and enter it into google translate. Usually, it is correct. Another option is to learn Russian
  6. I know, I have absolutely no idea what happened to those pictures. I stood still, focused the camera, and shot with a steady hand. For some reason, the pics wanted to go all "red-cyan-3d" on me. But, yes, I had a great time
  7. I just tricked 80% of you To the other 20%, disregard this. Last weekend I went to Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios) in Orlando, Florida for the first time. I never wanted to go into that park before because I was never a fan of roller coasters. But, since I enjoy them now, I decided to pay the extra dollar and see some new sights. Anyway, here are some pictures: HP World (you know, the one you care about): The Hulk (green) and Rip-Rocket-Whatever (red) coasters (these were FUN): Misc. (in other words, pictures that are so random they don't fit in the categories above)
  8. Hehehe, that was funny. All joking aside though, I really will miss the guy. He was a true inspiration to me, and my heart was broken when I found out he died. I looked up to the man, and he will be remembered probably for the majority of my life due to his impact on it. I kinda sum it up in here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RadVMBLnVw R.I.P.
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