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Bon Jovi

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Yes yes yes yes! I am a huge fan myself. Been my favourite band for years and i still have a huge crush on Jon :D They're coming here on July 21st! :D i'm so excited, i've always wanted to listen to them live!


I also loved The Circle. I mean when old bands make a new cd you pree much expect to not like it much. But i fell in love with it :3

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You can't beat a bit of Bon Jovi for me, I think they are a great band and I really like some their older songs.


My favourite song is probably 'In These Arms', I love the tune, beat and find it very uplifting, although I like most of their older songs.


I am not as much as a fan of their newer stuff, but compared to a lot of other bands from that era still going, I think Bon Jovi are up there with the best, 'We Weren't Born to Follow' is a decent song.

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