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  1. Im not that old of a member, but I was on the old forum for maybe 4 or so months before this one appeared. All I remember about the old one was getting in trouble for having a banner too big and getting in trouble again for talking with Ashely about off topic stuff in a thread haha... Im hardly ever on this one as of recently though... But I pop in on occasions. A lot of people from my era have gone
  2. I joined a few months before this new forum become a thing. First actual conversation was with Ashley and we got in trouble for it because it was in some random thread and it was off topic. Then I started chatting with good old Jade, then Padfoot, then with Sammy (aka michief.managed). Have a loooooong conversation history with Sammy ha. I am also known to chat with Arie. I don't post so much anymore because I forget or something. Mostly hide in the PM's Tell you what though, looking through my friends on here there's some names I haven't seen in the longest time!
  3. God created genders. He isn't man or female. God exists outside of all logic, imagery and thinking we can imagine, He created it. I/we cannot comprehend what He looks like, its impossible. Just look at the (Christian/jewish) stories of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, if someone who wasn't a high priest entered it they were destroyed by the very presence of God. His voice spole the universe into creation. I imagine He is gonna be something pretty damn significant... Also what Chris said, as funny as that is, its kinda true too. Space may look pretty and all that from a distance but it
  4. Haha, I did that face on purpose because I am so br00t4l haha. Its actually not mine man, it belongs to my brothers friend. I forget exactly what make it is, but its a real new company though, and its an AR-15 (obviously) with a random scope my brother had lying around home. Such a nice rifle to hold, I asume he intends on using it for hunting but I'm not sure, hes only had it a week and hasn't fired it yet.
  5. UnderOATH. The Devil Wears Prada. Parkway Drive. The Ghost Inside. Antagonist A.D. Saving Grace. Mumsdollar. Dave Dobbyn. Trigger Theory. Creations. A LOT of small local metal bands! Oh Sleeper Escape The Fate Alestorm The Almost Prepared Like A Bride Showbread Reliant K The Chariot A Plea For Purging August Burns Red blessthefall Architects Northlane Sleeping Giant Levi The Poet Lecrae Switchfoot White Colar Sideshow ------------------------------------- Now adding Thy Art Is Murder (Thought they were crap) Norma Jean (One of my all time favorite bands ever)
  6. Dude reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead http://xchristcorex.tumblr.com/post/52051115238/stuck
  7. Damn Im so sorry I didn't read this earlier. And I am so sorry to hear that it happened. But I am also so glad to hear the positive results! Never feel guilty about prayer though Jade, it means a lot that you reached out to help your uncle in any way and he would appreciate it more than you would know. I am interested to know more results as they come in if you wish to post them here. And I am happy to offer prayer at anytime. I wish the best for your uncle right now.
  8. It is! I feel like a 17 year old haha. But still, I wish there were more photos of me floating around... Also thanks homie! Gotta rock the Hardcore clothing
  9. Whaddup. I never get photos taken of me, kinda wish I did. I'm 20 and most of the time the photos are taken from me, not of. These are about the only two worth posting Dad, me and my brother Horrible facials
  10. Well I've done a bad job visiting my own thread for new replies.... Thanks for the compliment! How would you reccomend getting crisper water droplets?
  11. That is Tarantino for you, he is pretty much known for long boring scenes and overly messy shooting scenes. But yeah it can be pretty over the top but he doesn't care, he does what he wants
  12. All the Transformers movies, all the Marvel and DC Movies etc.... All generic movies that lack originality
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