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Bought this game the other day after IGN going mental over it. And my god I loooove it!!!! I have already finished it by killing everyone in my path, and now im restarting to do it stealth like. I love it. Graphics, the story, and the powers just makes this a flawless game.


Anyone else play?

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To be honest I havent played Skyrim, only ever saw my brother or boyfriend playing it. So i cant speak from experience. Personally it is a strategic game just like Hitman, but set with magic and set in the past with no gadgets etc. So you have a gun and a sword. Personally I love it.


Every action you take changes the game, so its pretty cool.

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Very solid game, but can be short if you don't do all the optional side quests.


I plan on starting another playthrough to get the high chaos ending, but with all these other games coming out, I'll have to put that on hold.

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sorry for the dbl posts but the trophies are hardcore hard lol, one trophy wants us not to kill anyone for the entire game... thats a bit impossible to do hahaha


edit: Challenge accepted!

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