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The Green Children

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Has anyone heard of The Green Children? They are kind of like Kerli who I posted about a while ago, but a little different. Their music is really inspiring and magical sounding. When I listen to them I feel really peaceful and light! If you like them go to their official page www.thegreenchildren.com and www.thegreenchilden.org to see what they support and what they stand for.


"The emerald duo's debut is an audio fairytale that confiscates all grips on reality and leaves one hopelessly daydreaming."-MOBO



This is an interview about them!


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Check out The Green Childrens new songs that will be on their new album Connection that will be released July 23rd. I love this group sooo much. Their music is just so calming, spritual like and magical. I love their messages in a lot of their songs. They are a band that needs to be well known and have their music heard around the world!! If you like them you can preorder their new album and get it signed by them for about $10.





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