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  1. How did you all like her newest song she released in November The Heart Wants What It Wants? I think it was one of the best songs she's released. I also really love I Want You To Know that she did with Zedd. It's just a really great feel good song. It always puts me in a good mood. I'm really looking forward to the new album that she is working on. Since she switched labels and went with Interscope I'm very curious to know how her new music will sound. I think a lot more grown up and I think she'll have a lot more freedom to do different things.
  2. Hey! I kept looking at your signature and couldn't figure out who the singer was in the picture lol. Who is it? I've always loved the name Emma and I definietly would name my child that. Emma Watson would be an inspiration to name my child after because she has been such an inspiration to me. Also the character Emma in the tv series,Once Upon A Time, is one of my favorites on the show so she would be another influence.
  3. I've never saw this picture before either! I'm not 100% sure but it definitely looks like Emma. I think it is real. It is a beautiful picture either way!
  4. No but i do have the CD Kerli-The Lucky Ones?
  5. I would! That would be cool!
  6. KayKay

    The Green Children

    Check out The Green Childrens new songs that will be on their new album Connection that will be released July 23rd. I love this group sooo much. Their music is just so calming, spritual like and magical. I love their messages in a lot of their songs. They are a band that needs to be well known and have their music heard around the world!! If you like them you can preorder their new album and get it signed by them for about $10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS1LlgR7Yh8
  7. I really want to go to her concert her in Virginia but it's kinda too far from where I live. How does everyone like her new songs from Stars Dance that have been released? I really love Come And Get It and Slow Down!!
  8. KayKay


    I've always liked Taylor Swift. Everyone bashes her because she is so honest but I really like that about her. I'm not a big country fan at all but Taylor is good at it. I like that she adds the pop sounded into her music too. Red is def my favorite album of hers so far.
  9. I really like her official site. However I do think it would be cool if they had a forum on there as well. I think it would be really cool!
  10. I really like this cover that Selena did of Priscilla Ahn's song Dream. Selena plays the harmonica too :)
  11. Loved it! Enjoyed every bit of it! The only sucky parts is that by the time we got in the theater we had to sit in the front row with our heads turned to the side the whole time. Then there was these little kids behind us who kept kicking the seats and their parents would not say a word to them. Other than those two complaints it was one of the best movies I seen in some time. Can't wait until the second part comes out! My bf had to go and get the soundtrack right away after the movie. We've been listening to it non stop in his car lol.
  12. Harry Potter...always! Anne Boleyn or anything Tudor related really. The actress Sarah Bolger. Shes playing in this season of Once Upon A Time. Kerli! Shes a great singer and so inspirational. Here's her newest single.
  13. The Duchess. Always love that movie. Keira Knightley is just amazing in her portrayal of the Duchess.
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